Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello there, 

    This is my little corner of the world and I would love if you would share it with me. I would love to share with you my life and adventures. The one theme that all of my adventures seem to share is that of grace. Grace, given freely, grace, not deserved, grace of a Savior for a second chance and a new chapter in my life! I have had many adventures in my life already, so exciting so grand, but none as amazing as where I am now. 
Just Us
Where I am now, that's what I really love to tell you about. I am married to a wonderful man. The love of my life and college sweetheart. We are coming up on almost a whole year of marriage! There is no one I would rather have this grand adventure with.
What a studmuffin! 
I also love to tell you about our cute little home! It's our first place and just a sweet little apartment. What more could two newlyweds ask for. 

This is our cozy little home, and there is our resident fur-person!
Since I am of the artsy persuasion, and the hubby is rather handy we have been putting our heads together and doing our best to spruce up our little place and make it our own. 

Here is one of his additions to our home. It hangs right over the dining room table.

This is one of my little contributions.
Remade an old grapevine wreath with a little
wooden letter.

     Since we rent we are holding off on some of the more major renovations till we have a home of our own, but until then I will scour Pinterest and he will continue to bring home fix-er-up-ers from work and we really have this place looking like us! 
     All I can really say is I would love to share with you all of our adventures, our everyday fun and life along the way. So come along and lets see where God takes us. 

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