Friday, March 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday (a little late)

Hi ho,

     Funny story, I totally had this post mostly written last night, all ready to go and seriously dozed off before I hit publish. Yes I am that much of an old lady! Ha ha, we had such an amazing day even if it was "just a thursday". (I used to have this theory that they were the most boring day of the week) I'll have tons of pictures later this afternoon!
     I don't know that I want all of my days planned out on this blog so I'm not going to get carried away with "manic monday", "terrific tuesday", "wonderful wednesday"... however something I have been working on even before I had a blog was taking one day out and really looking at and praising God for what I am so blessed with! I think I first saw Mandisa start it on twitter. I want to combine with another format of thankfulness called "5things".

5things I am thankful for today
     - Peaceful rain
     - A cool camera to capture after the rain
     - An awesome Christian radio station from StL
     - Friends  to celebrate birthdays with
     - A healthy, happy, handsome, husband (How's that for alliteration?)

     Anywho, I will return this evening with some pictures of our awesome evening yesterday and some of my "experimental" pictures with a new technique! Have a "Fabulous Friday" and enjoy the coming spring wherever you may be!

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