Monday, March 26, 2012

To join or not to join...

So I finally did it... I took the plunge. 
No I didn't do anything too wild and crazy like get a tattoo.... yet ;)
This morning I broke down and started reading The Hunger Games.

     Now I'm not normally the type to jump on the band wagon (especially this late in the game). Typically I fall into one of two camps. Either I am the traditionalist that rather poo-poos the idea of those con-flandit kids and their new fangled ideas, or I and the ... ahem... hipster that discovers something and wants to love it and squeeze it and call it George and nooneelsecanhaveit. Ever. I'm not real big on fads and I have this aversion to joining in late in the game. So naturally I decided I was too late and I wasn't going to touch those books or the movies with a 10 foot pole. Plus I am a "grown up" now. Sure believe that if you will. 
     All that to say, I gave up, I gave in, and after some friends appealed to my literary side and convinced me it was a REALLY good read I started it. I have to admit, so far it is a good read. We shall see. The movie doesn't looks so bad either. But the book comes first, just as it should. 
     So call me a joiner. But just this once.

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