Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Bandwagon, yep I jumped on.

Good morning friend,

     We all knew it was inevitable. I tried to deny it and put it off as long as possible. I caved. I caved big time. I broke down and read The Hunger Games. I know I have mentioned it to you in the past but since them I have proceeded to start the series over again and even con my amazing husband into seeing the movie.
    I must admit it pained me to take the leap. You see, I reserve the right to deny this in public but I am a bit of what you might call a hipster,I like to find books/movie/music that is fairly obscure and then share it with friends. I enjoy the obscurity and I begin to slowly back away when it looks like something may become a fad. I giggle under my breath at all the fan girls and avoid the huge crowds that gather for midnight showings and releases. Heaven help us all when people begin to ump on the band wagon. You know the ones, they are part of the "original fans" they come in a day late and a dollar short? Yep, them. 

    It has humbled me to utter this. I have become one of them. Get this. It was so WORTH IT. Shall I gush a bit? First of all I am just waiting for the rest of the world to realize that The hunger games doesn't end with just one book. Oh no, buddy there are three! If you read the first one you will be left with an ache, and a ravenous need to "FIND THE SECOND BOOK RIGHT NOW". It only gets worse from there. ;) I'm serious folks. Some of the best books I have read. 
     I digress... Back to the movie. The hubby and I decided last Thursday that we should see what all of the buzz is about. I must say I was impressed. They did a very nice job translating the futuristic world into a tangible place. The back story was a little slim but honestly for a book that was written in first person I feel they did a very nice job integrating most of the vital information with out too much awkwardness. The only regret... the CGI dogs? Really? From the way they painted the futuristic I would have thought a few mangy dogs would be no problem... alas they were rather cheesy. Eh you win some you lose some. 
    So, if I had only seen the movie I would have thought it was a nice movie. Not much more. However I am enthralled with the books, in this case the fan girls were right. They are worth the read and worth the wait for the next movie!

What's your take on The Hunger Games? Have you read them, seen the movie? Also am I the only one out there that gets in that Hipster funk and refuses to jump on the bandwagon? 

Anyway Happy weekend peeps!      

Friday, April 27, 2012

5things Friday

Whew.... It's Friday.
High-fives, Leg kicks and Fist Pumps all around! We made it peeps!

In light of our survival (which we are so thankful for) I have 5things that make me so happy/thankful/grateful/full of joy bubbles.

1. A loving husband who puts up with my ridiculous whims.
2. My sweet smart phone that works like a dream and has survived so much longer than any other phone I have ever owned. Almost a year and a half, and going strong.
3. The joy of marriage. How I am set up with a best friend for life and someone who is always in my corner! Also getting to witness my friends begin this amazing journey as well.
4. One beautiful little bug named Lucy, who is payed off (praise the Lord) and still running strong. Fingers crossed, and knocking on wood that we will keep on keeping strong.
5. The love of my Jesus. In the days I have tons of joy bubbles and even in the days I wake up with my cranky pants on He keeps on loving me and that my friends is a beautiful picture of grace and mercy. 

Isn't it amazing what counting your blessings can do? Today is one of those cranky pants days and now I look at these lovelies I have been blessed with, and how can I keep frowning? 
And now a picture of something that makes me smile. 

These little gems always make me beam. They mean spring is here and my birthday is almost here!

P.S. The count down is on... 7 days :D

April Birch Box

Hello there, 

Well since it's almost the end of April I think I had better get a move on! For those of you who don't know about Birch Box it is a neat little program that you sign up for (somewhere around $10 a month) and each month they send you a tidy lil box chock full of premium beauty samples. If you are anything like me you love to try new things but the idea of paying $15 for a bottle of nail polish or $80 for a bottle of perfume is a pretty steep commitment. Don't get me wrong it's worth it if the product is exactly what you want, but how do you know it is? This is why the lovely people over at Birch Box are so genius! You simply fill out a few profile questions about your style and likes and they ship out your fancy little treat! 

This month's "theme" was Natural.

All of the products were green or created green and all natural.

First Up is the Dropps laundry detergent it came in a 2 pack and I must confess I haven't used it yet but I am excited to have these little guys to tuck into my travel bag! I have what you would call sensitive skin so I love the fact that it is dye and scent free! Plus its just cute because they are tiny.

Next is Willa on the go facial cleansing cloths. I am VERY picky about no water needed cleaning cloths. After my years as a dancer I have seen the good the band and the ugly of this particular kind of thing. These however went WAY above and beyond my expectations. Light, fragrance free, removed all of my make up with out drying and best of all it didn't leave that yucky slimy residue. A+ in my book.

This product made me giggle when I opened it. It ranks right up there with lip gloss in my book, and lip gloss/chap stick is something I aught to take out stock in. This lovely little tin is something that I can use year round, seeing as my dry cracked cuticles are no respecter of seasons. I knew it was love though, when I opened the tin and a lovely light lemon scent wafted up to greet me. Bliss.

Nail polish, this is the second box that I have received with polish ahem  lacquer in it. This makes my whole month... I have almost as much nail polish as I do lip gloss. I have never tried a polish from Zoya but it is a brand that I have heard tossed around on my favorite blogs so I was eager to try it. The color is called Bevin and at first I was kind of hesitant, I'm not much for green-ish colors but this has just the right touch of a grey kind of beige tone that it won me over and I can't wait to wear it again. 

Last we have Taylor Swift's new perfume Wonderstruck. Personally I think the scents that come in Birch Box make it totally worth it, it's just enough for you to use a few times and know it it's really you and works with your body chemistry. This one I am kind of on the fence about. Personally I love the girl and I admire what she has made for herself but this perfume while light and girly came across as a bit "young" to me. Also the hubby was ok with it but not totally sold and his opinion on this matter is important. I like to have a say in how yummy he smells I figure he deserves the same right.
  Over all I would say that this is one of my favorite boxes from those I have received so far. The nail polish has really grown on me and I feel like the other products are something I will use up and as they hope purchase full size of a few of them. 

If you are interested in Birch Box check them out and give them a try! *

*I am not in any way associated with Birch Box, nor do they have any idea who I even am I am just sharing my honest opinion of a great product!

Have a great weekend my friends!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meandering thoughts

'Ello there Chums, 

     I warn you now this is one of those posts with no exact direction, merely I am here and I wanted to chat. Like when you run into a dear friend down at the nearest coffee shop. You just sit... and sip... and chat the evening away in an easy manner. No goal, no purpose just easy communication. 
    This morning I am sipping my tea and just pondering deep thoughts. I would like you all to know how very much in just a month I have found I love blogging. I have never been much of a writer, but am I a creative being and I love to communicate. I guess writing here is much easier since it's rather unlike a term paper (thank you dear Lord). Also I find I am never at a loss of things to write, I have found more joy and more ... LIFE in my life lately and I love sharing it with you. I seem to always have my camera with me always and I love snapping away giving you a peek into my days. It may not be much but I'm living my fairy tale.
          Speaking of fairy tail. I ran into a Super Hero at supper last night. 
Who is that un-masked man?
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

     I was just sitting there minding my own business, when from the sky swooped down this man.

Can't you tell, he's Clark Kent obviously. It's SUPER MAN!
 I love this man. And his alter egos. Some days he is Super Man, others he is Captain America. I'm pretty sure he would be Thor if walking around in a leather man-skirt-thingy was socially acceptable. This super hero of mine we have been together 4 and a half years and married almost a whole year! He is the love of my life and my best friend. Best of all I think he kinda likes me too. 
     I do have a favor to ask you all. I am relatively new at all of this blogging stuff and I am wanting to try and re-do my design. What I have is nice, it's clean and simple. However I would like something a little more... professional? Classy? I'm not sure what exactly I am shooting for but something new. If any of you have some experience with working on your own blog design I would love some help. 
     I hope you are all finding LIFE in your life these days and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Have I mentioned that spring is almost my favorite season? It comes right behind fall... sorry spring all your beautiful colors and lovely temps just don't quite capture my heart the same way the crisp cool air of fall does. 
     Alas that is all the rambling I will do for now. Have an amazing beautiful spring day my friends. 

    (If you are like me your life has a "soundtrack" and this beautiful lady and her music have helped usher in spring for me. This song in particular feels like spring to me, fresh and clear and beautiful. Enjoy.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Good Morning, 

    One of the best things about my job is that it leaves me some time to think while I am working. Don't get me wrong, I am totally focusing on my job and doing it well but I still have tons of time to think. So one thing that has been on my mind a lot, is how very blessed I am. No matter how rough my day, I can never stay a grump too long. I have so much to be thankful for. 
     Ok so yes several things on my list are not real "deep" and "philosophical" These are just a couple of the things that are making me smile these days. 

      First is my awesome new nail polish! I am a girl that can appreciate any good polish, but one that is simple, classy, and stays put through dishes and cleaning and life for a whole week and still looks this good?? It has made my top ten favorite ever list!
     Second is my first ever real grown up watch! To this point I have made due mostly with el-cheapo watches but after my last watch that my husband got me bit the dust I started shopping around. I found this little beauty! It's huge and slick and it does lots of cool stuff without being too flashy! 
     Next... who doesn't love this little fur face? I come home to that every day, and it just makes me smile.
     Ah TOMS, if you don't know their story you should check them out here They are an awesome company with a great heart and some of the MOST comfortable versatile shoes I own. This particular pair has seen me though thick and thin this last few months.*
     Can you tell what this one is? My amazing mother bought me a Hyacinth for easter and then I promptly tried to kill it by taking the long road home and leaving it in the window and this poor guy got VERY sunburnt (if plants can really be sunburnt). After all the fragrant violet blooms bit the dust I was sure we were done till next spring but then yesterday morning, hope, a lovely smell and this little beauty  burst forth! 
    Lastly, I have been wearing this little beaut as a solitaire for nearly two years (can you believe it?) and as a set for almost a whole year now, and it just sparkles away! My first year as a wife has had it's ups and downs but I wouldn't trade a second with my man! 

    I hope you all have an awesome Tuesday today that is full of those little "joy bubbles" that you can find all kinds of lovely blessings in! What are a few of your favorite things?

 *TOMS did not in any way sponsor this post, I'm sure they don't even know who I am! I just think their shoes totally rock! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

JOY comes in the morning

Happy Friday my friends! 

   It seems I have just about made it through this week and I am ready for a day of rest and some good quality quiet time tomorrow. Congratulations we have survived the week! :)

   A week or so ago I mentioned to you all that I have been subbing in the children's ministry at my church and that the theme for this month has really spoken to me. The theme is HOPE and the key verse is from John 16:33. Now the kids have just been working on the second half;

     "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome this world."

Me being the curious kid I am thought if that is part "B" then what must "A" say? 

   "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace." 

AMEN!He knows that we will have trouble, but cares so much that he reminds us HE has over come and wants us to be at peace in that! 

   Ok, enough backstory. All of that is to set the stage, because clearly like a small child in the school room I am not through with this lesson/reminder, because it's still popping up over and over again. The neatest thing is how creatively God has been teaching me. 
   Now,I am a girl moved deeply by music, and I have been blessed with an amazing gift called JoyFM.  
   This awesome radio station is based in my home town and plays only Christian music! They are entirely listener supported and have been such a huge part of my life for the last 11 years or so. 
   I am not able to pick this station up over the air but I listen to it on my computer and on my phone when I can. It seems lately there are SO many songs that are laced with that beautiful verse from John. 

     "Now, I'm lost in your freedom, In this world I'll over come"
- Newsboys "God's not dead"

              "God is my victory and He is here"
-Hillsong "Desert Song" (Ok so this one is not exactly but it's been stuck in my head all morning)

              "Savior, worthy of honor and glory, worthy of all our praise, You overcame."
-Jeremy Camp "Overcame"

   I'm not going to say "Oh I'm in a dark place and I am clinging desperately" Or even that I am in a valley, I just know right now I am on a journey. It's like mile 4 or five of a run and you just need that reminder you He can do this. I'm not sure at the moment if this is a lesson that I am learning or simply a perfect reminder of his promise. Either way I am grateful to be hearing from God and learning to find peace in this. 
   As you are running keep one foot in front of the other, keep your head high knowing that HE has overcome for you, and lift your voice to Him! 
Happy Friday! 
(Just so you know I am very thankful for you)


Thursday, April 19, 2012


5things I am thankful for today

1. Healthy food that is yummy as well
2. My camera, I'm slightly addicted to the shutter
3. My knight in shining armor who has stuck through thick and thin and almost a whole year of marriage!
4. The simple things, air to breathe, a roof over my head (and a really cute roof at that)
5. Peaceful nights at home.

One on One with my One and Only

Dear Husband, 
I love going on dates with you, the more random, the better. 

Dear River road, in the spring you have never looked lovelier.

Dear Sunset, you are glowy and perfect and you take my breath away with your display of my God's creativity.

Dear Monday, thanks for ending a little less like a Monday and for bringing me more joy and deep belly laughs than I have had in the longest time. 

(On a side note: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.... yea kinda out there) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Weekend Wrap-up

Hey there,

Whew! Talk about back to back to back fun! It's been 5 days of non stop living and I am loving it. I am back tonight with a overview of my weekend and some pictures of those people that I hold so dear. On Friday My brother and I made the trek home to see the family again and celebrate Easter with my family.

Daniel and Heather
How cute are they?

Most of the whole gang, We're just missing Ethan and Sarah

My Grandpa, He's one of my all time favorite people

On the way home that evening. After sheets of rain everything within sight lit up.
 So a week later, that is how my family and I celebrated Easter. Family time and good food. So how about you? Any interesting family traditions you  have every year?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thoughts of Thankfulness

Hey there friends, 

     I feel like in the last week it has hit me all over again just how difficult transitioning to being a grown up can be. Oh my sometimes it can be overwhelming, with work and groceries and bills. Oh My! Ha ha But I have to admit it certainly has its advantages! Like being grown up, I can drive! Sometimes my inner 6 year old gets so tickled about that. The best, is when I get to help with Sunday School, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to help with the tiny humans!
     I have found that though I am there to teach I often come to learn more than I have ever imagined I would. Its amazing to me that I can teach on Sunday and the simple yet profound lessons are still resonating with me 4, 5, 6 days later. 
     This month the lesson has been HOPE. How my amazing God can make good things out of bad situations. Here I am almost 23 years old, this lesson surely is one that I have learned before but my, how this week I have needed this reminder. That my God has a promise. "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world." So when I start to fret over schedules, or bills I have found this little voice whispering "Dear one, take heart, I have over come." I just remember that greater responsibilities also means greater opportunity for blessings. 

On another note something that is such a great reminder to me... taking time to actually count those blessings. 


1. My job, I may not always love it but I am ALWAYS thankful for it.
2. My husband, my champion the man who stands behind me when I want to melt into tears.
3. My brother, making a road trip is always more fun with one of my oldest and dearest friends.
4. Great music, amazing christian music to soundtrack my days.
 5. STRAWBERRIES!! Its that wonderful time of year again! My Favorite fruit ever!

Any way have a great weekend my friends, and remember His promises. He has overcome. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a little fun

Hey there my friends, 

Today has been the day that would never end. It was one of those days at work that seems to go on forever. But as I sit here and eat my fest warm peanut butter cookies and smell the beautiful hyacinth that my momma gave me I can't help but be totally content. 
     The hubby and I got a wild hair tonight and spent some time down at that local movie place that is going out of business. We hunted through stack after stack of movies never with anything specific in mind, just to see what was there. After the hard day that he put in cleaning on his day off I then took my man out on a date down to the diner! Such a sweet simple night. 

    Ok I have been promising you for a couple days now a look at my new nail polish, here you have it. 
Falling in Love with Essie Polish
     I'm not sure after being a girl for all these years and never used Essie polish, but boy I am sure glad that I did now! Wow, the color that I used is Actually a combination of two colors A Crewed Interest and Sand Tropaz. I rally wanted a real neutral nude color and I love how these two worked so well together. The real gem about this polish is this picture was taken on Friday and now it's Wednesday night and I still have this same application on. Now I have long nails and work with my hands a lot. I have a personal record for keeping polish on, I really have a knack for having to repaint every day!
      Its fantastic, I have gone nearly a week and the polish looks like I just applied it (almost). Anyway, I'm not sure how most people do these "fashion posts" I'm not really that type of girl, but I did want to tell you about this fantastic brand that I will be purchasing again! 

     So this has been a very simple post but I really wanted to share with you. I hope you are all having a lovely week friends! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everybody's working for the weekend

Hi there,
     It seems like when I get swept up with the weekend I do it right! When I make plans I make em back to back to back and then I get so worn out I get a cold and poop out for a day or two!

So Weekend review!
Friday, Road trip home with my littlest fur peep. (By the way if anyone knows how to get the pictures on blogger to behave and be easier to arrange please enlighten me.) I packed up and headed home for just over twenty four hours that were packed full of fun.

City Harmonic, soundtrack for a great drive.
A beautiful day for a roadtrip.
My best traveling buddy!

I feel like I'me getting some real field experience with my camera ;) We rolled in around 9 on Friday night to see my momma and finish up a wedding present before we headed to bed. For a few sweet hours there nearly in the middle of the night my whole family was under the same roof. I love that feeling. Those pesky brothers may be pesky, but this married woman misses her best boys sometimes. 
 Saturday morning the alarm went off far to early and Momma and I rolled out and headed to the bakery. After spending several summers working in my parents bakery it's always fun to spend a morning there playing around in the flour and the sweet stuff! 
These lovely ladies are actually cousins! 
This sweet family has been stationed in Japan
for the last couple years and they were
able to stop in town before being sent to Turkey!    
Mommas and Daughters
(L to R)
Phoebe, Lisa, My momma Laura, and Me
My next big stop on Saturday was to find some sweet friends in town all the way from Japan! We have known Lisa and her girls since her oldest daughter Phoebe was 3 years old! She and her husband Rick are in the Military and have been in Japan for several years and we weren't going to miss the chance to see their lovely faces. Lisa comes from one of my favorite families, she is adopted! I love it, and actually from this family there are 11 grandkids and all but 2 of them are adopted. Such a beautiful example of how God adopts us all in regardless of where we come from. 

Lastly the reason I started planning this whole jet home was a wedding. My dear college roommate Amber got married on Saturday to her sweetheart of seven years! It was an amazing beautiful and very personal ceremony that I was thrilled to be present at. 
Lighting the unity candle. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Smith, preparing to make their get-away.
At this point the weekend was about 2 thirds over and I still had a trip home to my hubby to make. By the time Saturday was over I had racked up over 400 miles and I was ready for a nice quiet Easter sunday with my man. On the way home I was snapping some shots of the lovely sun set and I looked up and wouldn't you know it there was a huge beautiful bright rainbow. 
Just one more of His beautiful promises. 
Just like the beautiful colors after the rain, so my Lord rose again, conquering death, Hell, and my sin. Hope you all had a happy Easter. I'll be back tomorrow I hope to tell you about a fun new beauty product I have!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Up to something...

Hello friend,
Its been a fairly quiet week praise the Lord. We have just kept busy with work and seeing each other when we can. Most of my time has been consumed with a fun little project. My college roomate is getting married this weekend and I have been looking on a project for her gift!
Any guesses??
Anyway I love the creative waves that occasionally take me over. Makes me wish I had my own personal Hobby Lobby in the spare bedroom... all the time. :D

On to more interesting things
-I am thankful for sunshine
-I am thankful for good friday (it was a good day on a bad day for me) coming tomorrow
-I am thankful for sweet friends that pop by work and make me feel less alone
-I am thankful for a creative God that made me creative
-I am thankful for warm fuzzy puppies on my toes
*bonus* (I am also thankful for a fun new exciting book to read! Really really)

Also I would be totally remiss if I didn't tell you that my church that I adore so much is having some awesome easter celebrations on Sunday and you should definitely come join us. At the YMCA. Sunday Morning. Be there. Amen. 

Now away to crochet till my fingers fall off! Next time I'll tell you about this fun new nail polish I have experienced! (Yes I am that kind of girl, but you didn't think this was that kind of blog, huh?)
Happy Thursday Peeps. Ha ha Easter Humor... see what I did there??

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello there,

     I seem to have this knack for getting to the end of the day and then filling you all in... I'm not sure of the "proper procedure". Is it normal to get it all in the evening of the day all the fun happened or do I get it all set up and ready to go for the next morning? I'm not sure.      Regardless of that my week as started off on a very bright note! MOnday I got my splint off (Praise the Lord) and I got to go to a $5 (yes just $5) concert with some of my favorite people. Now bear with me I'm going to take a quick rabbit trail, but this band is called The City Harmonic. They are a very honest and worshipful band that I learned about when I began attending my church. Our worship band and the whole congregation loved this song called Manifesto! So with all the hub bub amongst my new friends I had to check it out, I found that it was a pretty neat song and when I first heard our band play it I was blown away! So I did a little more looking and found the group that played it, a cool little canadian band called The City Harmonic. Needless to say since then I have been hooked! When I got the chance to see them in concert I jumped on it. 

Yesterday was just that chance, and it was one of the best concerts I have been to. Just the right mix of rock and acoustic and worship. 
     One more thing, bear with me as I gush a bit. I just want to say, I love my church and my church family. I have been nothing but incredibly blessed since the moment God brought me here. We are growing and expanding leaps and bounds and every single one of them has a fire burning bright in their hearts! Never have I felt more like I belonged and was meant to be somewhere. Please pray for us as we are finishing up our new home in the Orpheum and as we reach out even further in our community. So if you are in town here in Hannibal, or Quincy, or Macomb, or Kirksville, or even Pittsfield come check out The Crossing! The scripture is solid, the people are real and Christ has never been more evident. 

Alrighty then, Peace out my homies! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Here

Hello Friends,

      So I knew that we were going to have a fun crazy busy weekend but man, I had no idea it was going to be this fun! I thought that I would have time in the evenings to update but man I have come home and just been pooped! Anyway I finally have gotten a whole bunch of fun to show you. 


      Thursday was an awesome beautiful day, the boy had the day off and went to play softball with the guys and I popped in on them over lunch! Also I tried something new with these pictures, I kinda like this collage, don't get me wrong these pictures are fun but they are more fun together! 
     That's my studmuffin out there in the outfield. Poor guy got some sun that day, he's been kinda pink!

So later that evening we got to celebrate the birthday of one of my dear friends at Fuji Steak house in Quincy! (Plus I got my man to come hang with the small group peeps! Score!)

We had a very over zealous server this night.

The Birthday girl Julie and her hubby.
The Volcano of fire!
Kyle partaking of the "birthday cake"
It was made of swiss cake rolls,
he had to show off his mad chopstick skills.

     DATE NIGHT! With the Mr. working such interesting hours these days we don't often find nights to ourselves... together... It's especially rare for the stars to align and it to fall on a Friday night. This week however we were blessed. So we made it a Quincy trip went jean shopping, and ate at one of my favorite places "The Tower".

"I see what you did there..."

*Insert mexican trill....eyeyeyeye*

Margarita Chicken Yummay!

Finished that sucker off! MMmmmMMmmMMMmmm

   This is the day I have been looking forward to it all week! We worked on our new church home! I am part of a church that is part of a bigger network based in Quincy, IL but my home church is based in Hannibal and we just started last spring. We have been meeting in the YMCA for almost a year now but we are in the process of getting a new building. We have bought an old theater here in town and we are working hard to rehab it! So today we had a work day with some of the members of the 929 campus. Needless to day it was an amazing day!
Vacuuming the seats, this had to be a daunting job there are tons of seats!

Look at all this hard work.

How totally awesome is this? This is our church people!

To wrap it here are a few of my artsy shots... you know just having fun with macro shots and rain drops... and a puppy dog. 
Little Swedish Ivy,
"Borka, borka, borka"
Just trying something new. 

Sunshiney Day
Bailey says "Bye"

Anyway thank you to all you who got this far into my wordy and picture heavy post! Here's to amazing spring weekends and more time with friends. May God bless you with a little sunshine in your life.  
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