Friday, April 27, 2012

5things Friday

Whew.... It's Friday.
High-fives, Leg kicks and Fist Pumps all around! We made it peeps!

In light of our survival (which we are so thankful for) I have 5things that make me so happy/thankful/grateful/full of joy bubbles.

1. A loving husband who puts up with my ridiculous whims.
2. My sweet smart phone that works like a dream and has survived so much longer than any other phone I have ever owned. Almost a year and a half, and going strong.
3. The joy of marriage. How I am set up with a best friend for life and someone who is always in my corner! Also getting to witness my friends begin this amazing journey as well.
4. One beautiful little bug named Lucy, who is payed off (praise the Lord) and still running strong. Fingers crossed, and knocking on wood that we will keep on keeping strong.
5. The love of my Jesus. In the days I have tons of joy bubbles and even in the days I wake up with my cranky pants on He keeps on loving me and that my friends is a beautiful picture of grace and mercy. 

Isn't it amazing what counting your blessings can do? Today is one of those cranky pants days and now I look at these lovelies I have been blessed with, and how can I keep frowning? 
And now a picture of something that makes me smile. 

These little gems always make me beam. They mean spring is here and my birthday is almost here!

P.S. The count down is on... 7 days :D

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