Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Here

Hello Friends,

      So I knew that we were going to have a fun crazy busy weekend but man, I had no idea it was going to be this fun! I thought that I would have time in the evenings to update but man I have come home and just been pooped! Anyway I finally have gotten a whole bunch of fun to show you. 


      Thursday was an awesome beautiful day, the boy had the day off and went to play softball with the guys and I popped in on them over lunch! Also I tried something new with these pictures, I kinda like this collage, don't get me wrong these pictures are fun but they are more fun together! 
     That's my studmuffin out there in the outfield. Poor guy got some sun that day, he's been kinda pink!

So later that evening we got to celebrate the birthday of one of my dear friends at Fuji Steak house in Quincy! (Plus I got my man to come hang with the small group peeps! Score!)

We had a very over zealous server this night.

The Birthday girl Julie and her hubby.
The Volcano of fire!
Kyle partaking of the "birthday cake"
It was made of swiss cake rolls,
he had to show off his mad chopstick skills.

     DATE NIGHT! With the Mr. working such interesting hours these days we don't often find nights to ourselves... together... It's especially rare for the stars to align and it to fall on a Friday night. This week however we were blessed. So we made it a Quincy trip went jean shopping, and ate at one of my favorite places "The Tower".

"I see what you did there..."

*Insert mexican trill....eyeyeyeye*

Margarita Chicken Yummay!

Finished that sucker off! MMmmmMMmmMMMmmm

   This is the day I have been looking forward to it all week! We worked on our new church home! I am part of a church that is part of a bigger network based in Quincy, IL but my home church is based in Hannibal and we just started last spring. We have been meeting in the YMCA for almost a year now but we are in the process of getting a new building. We have bought an old theater here in town and we are working hard to rehab it! So today we had a work day with some of the members of the 929 campus. Needless to day it was an amazing day!
Vacuuming the seats, this had to be a daunting job there are tons of seats!

Look at all this hard work.

How totally awesome is this? This is our church people!

To wrap it here are a few of my artsy shots... you know just having fun with macro shots and rain drops... and a puppy dog. 
Little Swedish Ivy,
"Borka, borka, borka"
Just trying something new. 

Sunshiney Day
Bailey says "Bye"

Anyway thank you to all you who got this far into my wordy and picture heavy post! Here's to amazing spring weekends and more time with friends. May God bless you with a little sunshine in your life.  

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