Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everybody's working for the weekend

Hi there,
     It seems like when I get swept up with the weekend I do it right! When I make plans I make em back to back to back and then I get so worn out I get a cold and poop out for a day or two!

So Weekend review!
Friday, Road trip home with my littlest fur peep. (By the way if anyone knows how to get the pictures on blogger to behave and be easier to arrange please enlighten me.) I packed up and headed home for just over twenty four hours that were packed full of fun.

City Harmonic, soundtrack for a great drive.
A beautiful day for a roadtrip.
My best traveling buddy!

I feel like I'me getting some real field experience with my camera ;) We rolled in around 9 on Friday night to see my momma and finish up a wedding present before we headed to bed. For a few sweet hours there nearly in the middle of the night my whole family was under the same roof. I love that feeling. Those pesky brothers may be pesky, but this married woman misses her best boys sometimes. 
 Saturday morning the alarm went off far to early and Momma and I rolled out and headed to the bakery. After spending several summers working in my parents bakery it's always fun to spend a morning there playing around in the flour and the sweet stuff! 
These lovely ladies are actually cousins! 
This sweet family has been stationed in Japan
for the last couple years and they were
able to stop in town before being sent to Turkey!    
Mommas and Daughters
(L to R)
Phoebe, Lisa, My momma Laura, and Me
My next big stop on Saturday was to find some sweet friends in town all the way from Japan! We have known Lisa and her girls since her oldest daughter Phoebe was 3 years old! She and her husband Rick are in the Military and have been in Japan for several years and we weren't going to miss the chance to see their lovely faces. Lisa comes from one of my favorite families, she is adopted! I love it, and actually from this family there are 11 grandkids and all but 2 of them are adopted. Such a beautiful example of how God adopts us all in regardless of where we come from. 

Lastly the reason I started planning this whole jet home was a wedding. My dear college roommate Amber got married on Saturday to her sweetheart of seven years! It was an amazing beautiful and very personal ceremony that I was thrilled to be present at. 
Lighting the unity candle. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Smith, preparing to make their get-away.
At this point the weekend was about 2 thirds over and I still had a trip home to my hubby to make. By the time Saturday was over I had racked up over 400 miles and I was ready for a nice quiet Easter sunday with my man. On the way home I was snapping some shots of the lovely sun set and I looked up and wouldn't you know it there was a huge beautiful bright rainbow. 
Just one more of His beautiful promises. 
Just like the beautiful colors after the rain, so my Lord rose again, conquering death, Hell, and my sin. Hope you all had a happy Easter. I'll be back tomorrow I hope to tell you about a fun new beauty product I have!

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