Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a little fun

Hey there my friends, 

Today has been the day that would never end. It was one of those days at work that seems to go on forever. But as I sit here and eat my fest warm peanut butter cookies and smell the beautiful hyacinth that my momma gave me I can't help but be totally content. 
     The hubby and I got a wild hair tonight and spent some time down at that local movie place that is going out of business. We hunted through stack after stack of movies never with anything specific in mind, just to see what was there. After the hard day that he put in cleaning on his day off I then took my man out on a date down to the diner! Such a sweet simple night. 

    Ok I have been promising you for a couple days now a look at my new nail polish, here you have it. 
Falling in Love with Essie Polish
     I'm not sure after being a girl for all these years and never used Essie polish, but boy I am sure glad that I did now! Wow, the color that I used is Actually a combination of two colors A Crewed Interest and Sand Tropaz. I rally wanted a real neutral nude color and I love how these two worked so well together. The real gem about this polish is this picture was taken on Friday and now it's Wednesday night and I still have this same application on. Now I have long nails and work with my hands a lot. I have a personal record for keeping polish on, I really have a knack for having to repaint every day!
      Its fantastic, I have gone nearly a week and the polish looks like I just applied it (almost). Anyway, I'm not sure how most people do these "fashion posts" I'm not really that type of girl, but I did want to tell you about this fantastic brand that I will be purchasing again! 

     So this has been a very simple post but I really wanted to share with you. I hope you are all having a lovely week friends! 

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