Thursday, April 5, 2012

Up to something...

Hello friend,
Its been a fairly quiet week praise the Lord. We have just kept busy with work and seeing each other when we can. Most of my time has been consumed with a fun little project. My college roomate is getting married this weekend and I have been looking on a project for her gift!
Any guesses??
Anyway I love the creative waves that occasionally take me over. Makes me wish I had my own personal Hobby Lobby in the spare bedroom... all the time. :D

On to more interesting things
-I am thankful for sunshine
-I am thankful for good friday (it was a good day on a bad day for me) coming tomorrow
-I am thankful for sweet friends that pop by work and make me feel less alone
-I am thankful for a creative God that made me creative
-I am thankful for warm fuzzy puppies on my toes
*bonus* (I am also thankful for a fun new exciting book to read! Really really)

Also I would be totally remiss if I didn't tell you that my church that I adore so much is having some awesome easter celebrations on Sunday and you should definitely come join us. At the YMCA. Sunday Morning. Be there. Amen. 

Now away to crochet till my fingers fall off! Next time I'll tell you about this fun new nail polish I have experienced! (Yes I am that kind of girl, but you didn't think this was that kind of blog, huh?)
Happy Thursday Peeps. Ha ha Easter Humor... see what I did there??

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