Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 Beautiful Women

     After my birthday and Christmas, Mother's Day has got to be one of my all time most favorite holidays, and I'm not even a mom! 
But, I do get a chance to celebrate some of my all time favorite people. 

First I would like you to meet Wonder Woman. 

This was back before she acquired the title of super mom as well. Isn't she beautiful? 
This amazing lady is one of my all time favorite people and someone that I want to be just like when I grow up.

Not only was she a stay at home mom while I was growing up, she also home schooled my brothers and me almost all the way through.
She taught me right from wrong and just about everything I know.

This lady made sure that we had everything we needed and then some. She kept us fed and happy, and ran us all over creation with little league, dance and scouts!

She is a Godly woman and an amazing example of what a wife and mother should be. I never could have asked for a better mom.

Next is the amazing momma behind my momma.

My Grandmother was the one who raised my mom and she was truly something else.

The coolest grandma around she taught all 5 of her grand kids to ride bikes and she always had a stash of Sunny-D and Drumsticks on supply at her house!

She was the one that spoiled us rotten and made sure that every word and every action spoke love to all of her children, children-in law and grand kids.

 Anyone you ask will tell you we didn't get enough time with her.
We cherished every single second that we had with her, and in turn I keep every day with my momma tucked away in my heart.
This mothers day I will hold all the mommas in my life a little closer. Won't you use this day as a reminder love on your mom today? God gave them to us to love and care for us. Mom's are one of the very first blessings a person knows in this life.

Have a Happy Mother's Day My Friends!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS LYDIA, I love you so much. You made me cry. I am blessed beyond compare, you are not only my daughter but my best friend.

    1. Hey I only speak the truth! I'm not glad you cried but I am glad that you liked it!


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