Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Years and 6 Months Ago

   On this day 4 years and 6 months ago I made one of the best choices I have ever made. This really cute boy that I met at college asked me to "go steady" with him and I got all weepy and teary and of course said yes! Now 4 and a half years later he is my best friend and best husband a girl could ask for. 
    For those with a weak stomach yo may want to look away from all of the mushiness that is about to ensue. You have been warned. 

Ethan and I met in college, the very first day of classes to be exact. We met in the coffee shop on campus and as all great stories go the rest is history. 

This was freshman year, would you look at how young we look! 

He was so thoughtful, he actually called my dad before he asked me out!

One Year (I was very sick that night)

Homecoming sophomore year, It really cracks me up how young he looks!

Our first year of "dates" consisted of nightly walks about the campus

One of our weekend adventure out to an antique bridge and beautiful creek!

Love week! He looks good even when he's bowling!

One of the rare halloweens we spent together. He was the Joker and I was Rouge

Gala Sophomore year. We make those faces a lot.

Jr. Year Homecoming. Man, he cleans up nice for a farm boy!

6 Flags trip! This was such a fun day, even if someone is a fuddy duddy and won't ride roller coasters!

Gala Jr. Year The theme was masquerade, I had a mast so Ethan felt the need to don one as well.

My First 4-wheeler ride! I suited up like a real country girl.

Another past time of ours is exploring Hannibal. Finding places we have never seen before.

Christmas. He attempted to grow a bit of a goatee. I can't wait till he works some where that allow facial hair I love a man with a bit of scruff!
Jr Year after we got engaged we upheld the campus tradition to "flip the bell"

Gulf Shores with my family, My brothers love E so much they buried him up to his neck.

You know me, taking photo ops where ever I can find them. Even in an old military fort!

Gala Senior year, still up to our old tricks!

Engagement pictures, it took me forever to get used to calling him "my fiance"

It was so much fun for us to attend weddings during the year we were engaged. We would compare notes!

At long last our day came and it really was the best day of our lives!

Our roadtrip honeymoon to Mackinaw City Michigan. I chopped all my hair off while we were there.

Our first Christmas as a married couple. We had to deck out in our ugliest sweaters.

These faces, we will make them till we are 80 at least!
Here's to you my love. 4 and a half years together and going strong. These have been the best years of my life and I can't wait to share the rest of my life having grand adventures and making amazing faces!


  1. I was there for the first few years!!!!!!!!!

    I even took a couple of your pictures!!!!!

  2. I was reminicing as I looked through all those pictures! Ah my freshamn year... ha ha ha good times girl, good times!


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