Thursday, May 17, 2012


     It's here again, Friday eve. Does anybody make exciting plans for Friday eve? Ha ha Not in our house. Staying in eating a warm cozy supper and watching House M.D. together. Doesn't get much closer to perfect.
Sausage Bake
     Not that I am not always thankful but I am glad when Thursdays roll around. I always seem to end up with a list 10 time longer than I need for my 5things list! This week I am getting back to the basics with my list, not as a cop out but because I really am looking hard at the simple things I love so much.

     1. The most adorable, little, affordable apartment. We are so blessed.
     2. 2 cars that run great and are totally paid off. 
     3. One fuzzy little puppy dog that loves me no matter what.
Fresh From the Groomers.
     4(1/2). A camera and a computer that continue to work even if not always in top notch form. Better that going without. (I would go stir crazy!)
     5. Flowers. From My amazing husband for our ONE YEAR anniversary. 

Happy 1 Year!
What are some of the things you have been blessed with?

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