Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello friends, 
     I hope your week has been amazingfantastic! If you ask me for a "short week" it has sure crept by! I am ready for the weekend and the amazingness that will take place. (Yes I did just make up that word, I do that sometimes) 
     This week, I'm going to give you a bonus, It's 5things +1! That's how thankful I am today.

     1. 2 Well working feet that have carried me through life and all over this world. Don't underestimate the blessing of simple things.

     2. Wearing 2 matching shoes, again I say don't underestimate the simple things, my sweet TOMS are reunited if only for a while. Also if you haven't could you take a look at my options for new TOMS and tell me which ones you like best. 
     3.Rain, after a HOT holiday weekend, we are so in need of rain. My father-in-law is a farmer, and his livelihood depends on the rain. I can't ever feel grumpy when we have a rainy day because I know it is a blessing.

     4. Quiet evenings at home, Which I get tonight. It's just awesome. Yummy homemade food and time alone with my hubby. For this introvert nothing beats it! I get as excited as a kid in Disney World. 

     5. Cooking. My momma taught me well, and I really love doing it. The real thing I am grateful for is the fact that the good Lord has given me a decent knack for it. It's so satisfying to cook delicious healthy food for my husband and I. Maybe sometime I'll do a recipe tutorial, would you guys like that?  

     +1! My Church. Not only is it an awesome place to come and fellowship, my Church The Crossing:Hannibal has become my family. At a time where E and I are living away from our families they have reached out and loved us, and we love them. We recently moved into a new church building that is actually an old renovated theater! We are  also getting ready to open a new ministry, a coffee shop called The Crossing Cafe'. I am so stoked that I get to be a part of this and that it's finally taking off! If you live in the Hannibal area, you should take a look and find out for your self why The Crossing is so amazing.  

Been so blessed I am busting at the seams of my list.
I know there are no pictures today, I have been kind of Lazy with my camera (which I need to have cleaned) but I'll be back with vengeance and my camera this weekend! Love all my Peeps and by the way if you read regularly you should follow me! 
<-------------------- Right over there, you can join and you will know whenever I post. Plus it would just make me happy! :) 

Have a great evening friends!

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