Friday, May 4, 2012

Blame it on my Mom

Happy My Birthday to you all! To celebrate today I want to share with you some birthday memories!

This is the only appropriate way to wear bows.
 How cool is it when your birthday falls on a Friday, and an awesome totally cool amazing movie comes out on the same day? Really cool, that's how. Especially when Your husband gifts you with your very own espresso maker. This girl right here is on cloud nine!
This was my second birthday and that swing set lived a good long life in my family!

So this wasn't my tea party birthday, but mine looked an awful lot like this!
     The amazing thing is I don't think I will ever outgrow how much I just love birthdays. It's not just mine either, honest I love celebrating other people as well. It's like your own personal holiday. (Someone should tell my boss that and let me off work)
13! It was such a big deal to me to actually be a teenager!
My mom also did an amazing job with all of our cakes! No store bought nonsense for us!

Sweet 16 right after I got my license!
      I think my love of birthday goes back several generations, or at least two. You see my Mom did a great job of making all of us kids feel very special every day, but even more so on our birthdays. She was that mom that would bring cupcakes to the whole class, and then when we were older and home schooled we actually got the day off. She and my dad also were great at birthday parties! I can't remember one birthday that slipped under the radar without a themed, friend and fun filled bash.
Another awesome tradition, when I turned 16 my grandma bought me a corsage with sugar cubes in it!
We celebrated my 16th in Carthage, MO at the Precious Moments Chapel.

     Some of my favorites were the Cinderella party where one of the games included shoes and blindfolds, then there was the RED HOT party where everything was well... RED, and lastly the tea party where we all dressed up fancy and had high tea! Heck even as a senior in high school I had a full blown Disney princess party!

This was my 18th celebrated with my amazing friends and a Princess party!
4 out of 5 of  "the sisterhood"
      If you ask my mom she will tell you that she get's her love of birthdays from my Grandmother. She had that same desire to make people feel special. That she did so well. My mother had just as many fun stories of birthday parties as I did. It makes me sad when people talk about how a birthday went by unnoticed. That is your special day, to cherish the gift of you and all the great things you have done and will do. Its a time to reflect on all the wonderful things that God has blessed your life with.  
See? To this day I still do this! Sometimes I even con others into doing it too!

     What can I say? I love birthdays, it's in my genes. This one is a new milestone for me, this is my first birthday as Mrs. Geisendorfer. Also it is my first one as a real live grown-up out of school and on my own. My husband had already done a great job, from the belly laugh inducing card down to the Rapunzel wrapping paper. I can't wait to continue my day by seeing The Avengers tonight with him.

I hope you enjoy today as much as I have!

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