Sunday, May 27, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Hey there friends,

     In the two months now that I have had this lovely little blog I have come to think of all of you as my very dear and personal friends and I have a very important decision I need your help with. 

     SHOES! Laugh if you will but I was blessed enough this last month with a birthday voucher for 2 pairs of new TOMS. If you have never heard of them you should really check out their website. 

They have an amazing mission from the brilliant mind of Blake Mycoskie. You see when you purchase a pair of TOMS their organization sends a pair to a child in a developing country that doesn't have shoes. One for one. How cool is that? 

So here in lies my conundrum. They have grown in the few years and have so many neat new styles I just can't decide. 
 I already have two pair that I love so much and wear ALL the time.

I own

 Navy Classics (they have been VERY loved)

. . .

 The Academy Classics
I adore these. Cute, quirky and classy all in one. 

I must say I like the look of the new ballet flats that they have released but I am a bit skeptical of the sizes. Having read the reviews, if I am going to order them online I want to be SURE of how they are going to fit. For that reason I am going to stick with a version of the classics. So these are what I have narrowed it down to. 

The Green Apple
I love the color! They would add quite the POP to any outfit. Shoes don't have to match anything right?
. . . 
The Earthwise Slate
A take off of the Classic black. They have a bit of a sheen to them and would be VERY versatile.
. . . 

The Tangerine
Another bright and fun color I could see myself wearing these all through the summer and fall!
. . . 

Tropical Plaid
I'm not normally one for patterns but these last two just seem so fun and spunky they caught my eye. I love the combo of the purple with the bright blue in this pair.

. . .

Summer Plaid
Lastly this pair is actually a men's shoe and that might be enough to drop it out of the running but I love the big bold plaid pattern! I can't resist it!

. . . 

So tell me what you think. I have to pick two. For now. :) 
What are your top two picks from these? Won't you help me send TWO new pairs of shoes to someone without? 



  1. Man...this is a tough one! I like them all, but my top two would be tangerine and tropical plaid.

    Happy shoe shopping to ya!!

  2. How did you get a birthday voucher? Jealous! Lol

    1. Well actually... My Parents just made a "gift certificate" and wrapped it up! They wanted me to be able to decide exactly what I wanted and what size so they figured this was a safe route!


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