Friday, May 25, 2012

High 5 for Friday

Friday is here, we made it! 

How has your week been? I have actually had a really great normal slow paced week. Hot tea in the mornings snuggles in the evenings. Its a pretty sweet life. It's time again for High 5 for Friday! With Lauren, From My Grey Desk.

Here is my Top 5 this week.

1. Sewing. Just in general I love doing it, I love the projects that result. I just love it. 
  Here is my latest project.

2. 3 day weekends. Yes it is finally here, my first day off in several weeks. I get to spend it not only with my family but also my amazing HUSBAND! We hardly ever get a day off together and this one is going to be awesome. 

3.These amazing people! I get to see them on Sunday! My Tia Becky and Tio Mike are missionaries that live in Mexico. They come home to the states for a few weeks in the spring and this year I actually get to see them... last year I was a bit caught up in getting married ;)

4. Coffee. The new Coffee Bar opening at my church more precisely. I am so stinking excited! It's going to be amazing. Just one more week! Coming soon The Crossing Cafe'

5. My comfy big black glasses and being able to get my hair up into a big fat bun on top of my head. I rocked that look all day yesterday!
So what are you loving this week? Summer break? Warmer temps? Vacation plans?

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