Friday, May 18, 2012

High 5 Friday!

Hello Lovelies!

Friday is here, (imagine me singing that to you!)
Why is it that one day of work can feel so very different than another? Is it the light at the end of the tunnel, is it the promise of sleeping in tomorrow? I may never know, but I will continue to enjoy the floaty feeling that carries me through Fridays.

Well this week there is a lot I have been lovin'. Here are my top 5

1. Lady Grey Tea. I love hot tea in general but man I have found my tea soul mate. The taste is light and fruity, the scent reminds me of fruit loops, in a good way. Also I adore that they use the *ahem* correct spelling of the word GREY.

2. The Avengers. We are hoping to go see it again tonight. Love. That. Movie. I'm not going to claim the number one slot but I have got to be one of the most superhero loving-est girls around. What movie could be better than one with a whole bunch of superheros in it. (by the way, I am Iron Man, all the way) ;)(P.P.S. I loved the way Mark Ruffalo fit as Bruce Banner!)

3. Grey's Anatomy (man this list is starting to sound real shallow this week) The season finale is this week..... OH MY WORD! Intense. Actually I don't know that all of it's that intense. I have only finished the first half so far. By my knowledge of soap operas it will be. YIKES but I love it... and I keep coming back. 

4. My Espresso maker! Coolest new toy ever. My husband is the BEST!
 I love making the espresso, I love drinking the latte's. All around I just love it. I can never go back to plain ole' coffee.

5.Being a Photog. I may be kind of on hiatus at the moment but boy do I love it. I love shooting, I love capturing the moments, I love the post processing. All of it. It makes my heart smile. One day (hopefully soon) I would love to have my own business. To make people smile and to freeze that moment forever as a keepsake. Right now I'm all about the practice, and just shoot shoot shoot. I am trying to pin down people to "pwactice" with! 

That's my top 5 this week. Now on to the weekend!!! I have some purse making planned and a birthday party for a certain 3 year old! How about you guys? Any big amazing stupendous plans this weekend? 

PS My friends, after just 2 months I am at almost 1000 page views! HOLY STINKING COW GUYS THAT'S AMAZING! Thank you!


  1. Hey you can come "pwactice" on Caleb and me! :-) Just reason number 34238947543 that you and Ethan need to come visit.

  2. Ah that sounds like so much fun, I bet you two are a blast in front of the camera! I'm reminding him on a daily basis now that we need to come visit. Maybe one of these days he will cave. At the moment I am going to try and practice on us. We'll see if I can be behind the camera and in front of it at the same time.

  3. Follower number 4 here...

    Sometimes I want to stop watching Grey's Anatomy, but then something happens like a shooting or a PLANE CRASH and of course I can't stop.

    I was a total bawl bag when Mark was crying over Lexie!!

    Your blog is super cute!

    1. Jena, You are so sweet! Yay,for another follower! Thanks! Few but Mighty right? And Grey's... don't even get me started, I had a huge rant to my husband the other day about "I can't believe they are doing this to ME. I'll never forgive the writers... I should really stop watching this, but I can't, I have to see how they fix this." They suck you in. Glad to know I'm not the only one.


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