Friday, May 11, 2012

High5 It's Friday!

Happy Friday peeps!

I have found this fun little link party from a sweet gal named Lauren over at From My Grey Desk (btw I love that she spells Grey with an E). It's called High Five for Friday. Every week she just shares 5 things about her week that she is loving so I thought I might join in.


So here is my High Five!
 1. I get to head home for Mothers day weekend! That means I get to see this little cutie... and my Mom! Love you Momma! 

2. Darren Criss
Enough said. Stole my heart in A Very Potter Musical then had me hook, line and sinker as Blaine. 

3.Yet another fun new nail polish! Loving this Zoya Blogger Collection. Congratulations to Kate for winning the votes to have a polish named after her!

4. The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. Yum! All of my chocolate, cookie, coffee dreams have come true. It's definitely not low carb but it certainly is delicious!
5. Somebody I used to know. I mostly listen to Christian music but sometimes I catch a song and it makes me do a double take. This is one of those songs. Actually I much prefer the Glee cover of this. He is so much easier to understand. Also I love the way Glee takes songs and puts them in a totally different context. Think Beatles. I want to hold your hand. Kurt. Love it!

That's about it. That is just 5 things that I am loving this week! By the way IT ALMOST SUMMER! I may be a "grown up" and work a "real job" but it just makes me giddy to think of summer and all the fun it entails! 

What are some things on your Summer Bucket List? 

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