Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life, Grace and Second Chances

     This is  blog post I have started over and over several time in my mind. I have known for a few weeks now that this day would come. Honestly if I think to long and hard about this day I become speechless. There are so many emotions and thoughts forever tied to this date, any given day I can feel differently than the day before.
     You see two very different experiences happened on this day exactly one year apart. The first happened on the side on a mountain on a dirt road in Haiti. The other on a long and winding road stretching between Hannibal and Mackinaw City.
     Two years ago I came face to face with tragedy and I don't even remember it! I had just finished my Jr. year of college and with a mission team from my school I was wrapping up a week of ministering to the devastated country of Haiti. This was a trip each of us was meant to be on and there was many tears a prayers poured into it. We were originally meant to travel over spring break but due to the earthquake that struck the tiny island our trip was postponed indefinitely. Each of the members of the team will tell you that regardless of the set back we were all determined to be there.
     The week was spent reaching out to these people. In schools, in churches, from the back of a giant truck affectionately referred to as "the beast". I had the thought more than once on this trip, so this is what it feels like to really be His hands and feet. The last day of our trip will be one that I will remember for the rest of my life. (or not really remember as the case may be ;) We had been up in the mountains worshiping that morning with some of the Haitian people we were ministering to. We wrapped up our morning and climbed back in the truck to head home, at some point on our way down the mountain the driver realized our breaks were out. I can't begin to imagine what went through his mind at that moment. What ever thoughts went through his mind at the time he began driving the truck into the side of the mountain to attempt to slow us down, and as he did so we rounded a steep curve and everyone was thrown from the truck that just moments before was going 60 some mph. This is where the beauty lies in the story. Of the 30 plus people tossed like rag dolls from that truck not a single life was lost! Now I can't tell you much about my personal experience after this because I don't remember. There were about 4 hours of this day that I just don't recall. For that I am thankful. 
     Obviously there is much more to this story that I can tell but that is not the point today. This side of eternity I will never have an answer to the why of that day, and I will always have a mind full of questions about it. But what I do know is I have a beautiful story of grace that began in my life that day. Given all of the circumstances I should not be here, none of us should be here. Just like the day when I was 6 and began a personal relationship with Christ, I was spared. Spared from death. Given a second chance, to live, and grow, and to reach people for his glory. I will forever be thankful to my savior for that day, a day of life. 
      If you have tuned in this long this brings us to the other milestone on this day. Last year I was packing up and heading out bright and early, at dark:30 on my honeymoon! Beginning my new life that I was saved to live with my husband! That day is made so much more beautiful because of what happened the year before. I was more conscious to give the glory of each day to the one who gives them to us. My life has been spared for a reason just like I was saved so many years ago for a purpose. That purpose; to give all the glory to my God. 
     So while this day holds many memories and emotions, I choose this day to be a day of joy. To smile bigger, breathe deeper, and hug tighter. The sun is shining, and I am alive and that is enough for me.

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