Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Birchbox

     I must admit I always so look forward to getting my lovely little birchbox in the mail. It's like Christmas each month, and I love that others have found and fallen in love with it like I have. 
   This month had a theme again, like when they did the Teen Vogue boxes? These were Gossip Girl themed. That's one thing I have to get over. I'm not a big fan of what I know of the show. I know I can't judge till I have seen it but... I don't plan on it. Anyway the goodies inside were as nice as always! 

I give them props, I love the way they package the boxes. Classy, Simple, Just lovely. 

Like I said, packaging! You open the box and there is even more to open. Boxes, bows, ribbons! 

Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB cream

This is something I have heard a lot about but have never actually tried. A BB cream, personally I hear BB and I think either Bed and Breakfast or my little brother's first Daisy Rifle but that is beside the point. In this VERY shiny bottle we have a super product,it moisturizes, it heals, and it has a tint! I think I am sold.   
Stila Liquid eyeliner
 How fun does this look? And, it's not even out of it's package yet. This neat lil eyeliner is a liquid but it goes on like a felt tip. It's lovely and shiney and smooth. Time will tell if it's something I would actually wear on a regular basis but it sure is fun for special occasions!
 There is always something I am not totally sold on. This month, the perfume wasn't for me. I am really picky on scents that I wear and have to smell all day. I liked the smell of this it was light and kind of floral, but it reminded me a bit too much of my grandmother's Chantilly. Plus it stayed REALLY strong all day.
Ojon Voluminous conditioner
 This was a nice treat to receive, I had yet to get any hair products in my boxes. So it was lovely to get this, especially since it is something I am always searching for, a good light and lifting conditioner.
TwistBand Hair tie
 I love pony tail holders! As any girl with long hair can attest they are a necessity! This lil guy was a fun twist on the regular old black hair band. I could see using these even if they don't have a real strong grip. My only qualm is the price, I go through bands like water... I can't afford to pay too much!
OXOX Notecard

 I liked this cute little card. Keeping it simple, but it's not quite my style, I prefer things a but more rustic, more hand drawn style. But it's nice, I'll use it. 

Honestly This was a fun box to receive. Out of the 6 items there 4 I will probably use up before my next box arrives and the other 2 will go in my "for guests to use" basket! Thanks so much Birchbox! Keep up the good work! 

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