Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A New Favorite

Happy Wednesday all,

     I'm not sure about where you are but here in "America's Hometown" it is a beautiful, bright, spring day. I love that it has been warm but I'm not quite ready for swim suit weather just yet, I want to soak up this beautiful springtime for now. Who's with me?
     One of my favorite parts of being a girl is all of the lovely beauty products out there to play with! Recently some new products have found there way into my life and I just wanted to share with you how in love I am! 
     First is a neat product that I came across in my April Birchbox.   
     Everyone meet Bevin. This beautiful polish is from ZOYA and until Birchbox I had never heard of this brand, boy I didn't know what I was missing. I was hesitant to really embrace this color, it's not exactly in my normal color range. However I had heard such good things about it I gave it a trial run and I had SO many compliments on it! I think it's a keeper. The really awesome thing is that even with my long and much loved (ie; beat up) nails this beaut stayed on for a full week! That is a new record people! My nails looked like I had just polished them a full 8 days later! During that 8 days I found out that this lovely dusty/grey/beige/teal color goes with nearly everything. I was so head over heels for this polish I actually went and bought they new Blogger collection from ZOYA as well, but more on that later! 
    Second is actually a new "old" favorite. This is a lovely fragrance that I have rediscovered. 

     I have decided that the summer of 2012 with be remembered by amazing adventures and the fragrance of Velocity. From Mary Kay this light and flowery fragrance has been a favorite of mine for some time but in the last few weeks I have been wearing it more regularly and as with that polish, once I gave it a real try I fell in love all over again.

     Lastly I have a miracle! A real true miracle. Its name is mineral veil.

     Since October I have been using BareMinerals and they sent me a free trial of something with my first box. It's called Mineral veil. It goes on translucent and it has a light powdery texture. I don't think I will ever go without it again. You basically get your entire makeup regiment don't and then dust it on. It lessens the look of pores and lines and it softens the over all look of your face! It really is wonderful. I can't totally explain it but once you try it you will see it's a must have!

     I love that our life is so full of new, exciting and ever-changing things to try and experience. I hope you have all been blessed with beautiful spring weather as we have and that you get a chance to go out and play, soak up the Vitamin-D! 

  So what will you do this week to enjoy the spring weather?  

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