Monday, May 14, 2012

One Year Ago Today

     Just thinking about that phrase makes me grin like a goof-ball. 
Seriously it is currently 4:15 right now and I can tell you one year ago today I just beginning to bask in the glow of becoming the new Mrs Geisendorfer. At 4:15 we would have been just pulling up to the most gorgeous hotel where our reception had already begun. Though it had begun to drizzle on my perfect sunny day but I was still all sunshine and sparkles. My new husband stepped out of his truck, came around to my door and swept me out of the seat and off my feet (we couldn't have me soiling my pretty blue shoes and wedding gown in the rain).

    As he carried me in the door I could see faces peeking around the door of the ball room, anxious to be the first to spot the groom and his new bride.

     I don't think I stopped grinning all day. It all felt just like a fairy tale. Just exactly how it should have been. Even right now after a whole year I still feel like I'm in a fairy tale. Don't get me wrong this first year had been one of the single most challenging in our entire relationship.

     We have butted head and "talked" till we were blue in the face but to be totally honest I'm thinking that marriage is one of those miracles of the Lord. You know that it was lots of hard work but I can't seem to see all those hard tough moments in light of the amazing life my husband and I have begun through God. I can't take a single bit of the credit, I know full well that without my God I would not how made it to this day, but He has over and over again showered us both and our marriage with his grace. 

Yes that same touch of grace I keep going on about. That grace that is giving us and blessing us WAY more than he,I or both of us deserve. 
     Back to that amazing day one year ago. It was simply perfect. We were surrounded by those that loved us best. All of the "formalities" finally ironed out and being carried out by people that cared enough to help us float through the day. The clearest moment of is later in the day as the best man gave the toast I looked to my right and for the first time that day it felt real, there by my side was my HUSBAND.

     I know this is a whole year later and trust me I did send out all of the traditional thank you notes but to everyone that was there, behind the scenes and making sure our day was beautifully seamless, Thank YOU! From the bottom of our hearts we love you all very much and never could have had that day without you.

You, mister Geisendorfer, You have bewitched me body and soul and I love you. I love spending life with you and I can't wait to continue doing so for the rest of our lives. 

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