Monday, May 21, 2012

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Stay tuned peeps, I promise I didn't disappear I have just had a string of busy days that is continuing on into the week! I have so much to share with you I just have to get some pictures edited to show you all! 

And now a post in a list...

A. I think I have an unhealthy love/obsession for peanut butter. Seriously the cravings for it are up there with chocolate and coffee!

2. In the last week I have been on two shoots! (ok, so they were both someone related to me or me, myself but I don't care I got to shoot!)Either way I am so excited to edit and upload these beauties for you all to see!

Q. I got to spend a whole day this weekend shooting with a Canon 7D. Holy cow, it was amazing. That is my dream camera and one day when I get rich and famous I will have one. Until then I will be satisfied borrowing my dear friend Julie's camera and being the paparazzi at her son's adorable birthday party. Shameless plug; If anyone out there just has a Canon 7D to give away I would give it a very good home!

47. Excitement and disappointment can be wrapped in one. On the one hand I am sad I will not be able to travel to my parents house this weekend and see my Aunt and Uncle who are in town from Mexico, but I will be home for the (fingers crossed) grand opening of the coffee bar at church! I am so jazzed about this you have no idea! (In the mean time I have 6 days to get all my gear together, get a name picked out, and people trained gotta boogie!) 

Z. Tonight marks a milestone in our home. Tonight is the 2 hour SERIES finale of House M.D. E and I have our whole evening planned around it. Our conversation over lunch went like this.     E: So what are the plans tonight?
     Me: Well the finale starts at 7... I still need to grocery shop, work out, get some laundry in and do supper. What about you, what needs done before it begins?
     E: Well, I need to get my truck cleaned out. That's about it how about I help with supper so we can both be ready?
     Me: Sounds like a plan! Ok hands in.... and...BREAK! 
Just a small look into our crazy life!

%. I serve a good God you know that? I woke up this morning in a foul mood. I'm not sure if it was a case of the Monday's, or if it was yesterday's long hours still catching up with me but I was definitely a Mr. grumpy gills. Everything was gloomy. 
   Then something amazing happened I paused, I prayed and then I began to count my blessings. You know what? I began to feel better and about 5 minutes later I came across one of my favorite devotional books and that foul mood, it was no where to be seen. 
   I also had a small tap on the shoulder from the Lord. In my job I cross paths with so many people in one day I can' afford to sit and stew in my bad mood. What if I am the only glimpse of Jesus one of them sees today? Am I doing my job representing Christ? 
   Needless to say that got my attention and after just a few minutes to having to "try" to be in a good mood I didn't have to try anymore. It never ceases to amaze me that if I just ask, He is there. Shaping and molding me.

     That is just about all that's been floating around in my head today. So stay tuned in the next few days and be looking out for posts with pictures from my shoots, a weekend wrap up, a Birchbox spot light and maybe next week a facelift for the blog! 

Have a great evening peeps!

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