Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simply Sweet

Shhhh, if you listen very carefully you can hear it...

    WOOHOO! That was me yesterday, after much fiddling, funny faces and days without life my dear little laptop was resurrected! I'm sure people will roll their eyes and scoff at my "first world problem" but I have grow very used to having my own computer and photo editing software. It just a part of who I am and what I do. I was beginning to wonder how I would make it to Aug. Maybe with much tender love and care and much prayer my computer will remain alive until then. 
    Now that I have my resources back I have pictures to share with you! This past weekend a dear friend of mine tied the knot. She is one of those people that I would swear to move heaven and earth to be there (even if my mom and I got lost and showed up right as it was starting! 

The ceremony was outdoors and God blessed us with amazing weather! Would you believe that it was supposed to be 50 degrees and raining? It was absolutely beautiful. Her theme was a kind of country chic (my words) and it flowed from the guitar intro all the way to the barn covered in twinkle lights for the reception. Plus I'm partial to the fact it was outside. It makes for such amazing pictures.

  Her daisies and burlap gave the perfect touch of charm.

Plus I was totally taken when she had a Needtobreathe song as her recessional! Sunny and Phil worked together on the decor collecting books as soon as the got engaged and he even put together this whole presentation of the pictures with the suit case! I would say she has a real catch! One wedding trend that I adore is the use of cupcakes. They can be made ahead of time you can make lot of variety plus you save on the wedding cake!  

 Their flower girl was absolutely adorable! She was the grooms niece and she is in my opinion the perfect age for a flower girl. Old enough to get the point but still young enough to have that adorable little girl charm.

    Honestly it wasn't any one thing that won me over. It was how elegantly it all came together. The theme was beautiful and all the homemade and handmade details made it so personal! 

Congratulations to Phil and Sunny, it was such an honor to be there on your special day!

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