Thursday, May 24, 2012

So much to learn

Hi ho neighbor,

     I hope the week has treated you well so far. It sure seems like I have been busy but I can't for the life of me remember just what I was busy doing.
     You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. I have been admiring several of the blogs that I read on a regular basis and being the do-it-myself kind of gal I decided to learn how to clean up my blog. I have just enough background in graphic design and I know my way around several design programs I wasn't about to pay someone to do something I could do. I hope you enjoy the results. I am going for simple and classy.
   Also earlier in the week I promised some updates on my "busy" life! As you know last week was my anniversary, I was a very blessed girl and got flowers and cake!

Also Ethan and I decided to try our hand at a photoshoot where I was in the pictures and taking the pictures! Boy do I need a wireless remote! 

     Also last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the best "Woody's Roundup" birthday party. My buddy Oliver turned three last week so we celebrated on Saturday with one of the cutest birthday parties I have ever been to.

     Is that not the rootin'est tootin'est little cowboy you have ever seen? His momma,mad the cake and the all the decorations to match Woody from Toy story. They even had a cowboy boot pinata, that one of the older cousins dominated!

    Lastly something that I have been working on for a couple days. I have been making a purse for a friend of mine. I have been sewing since I was bout 8 years old and I didn't use to love it but the older I got and the more I practiced the better I got. I began to enjoy sewing more and felt VERY satisfied when I could complete a nice project. This is my second purse I have made and must say they are just the right mix of fashionable, functional and fairly quick to assemble. Here is my finished product!
 Having made done this once before I was able to play a bit, and add some fun details. This really is something I could do for a living. 
     Of all this fun I have been having the one thing I have concluded is I have so much still to learn, but you know I enjoy learning it. From blog editing to purse making there is always something I can learn!

What have you learned lately?


  1. Cute pictures and love the purse!!

    I wish I was creative like that!!

    1. Thanks Jena, I really enjoyed making it! If you ever decide you want a handmade purse I would love to make one for you!


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