Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday...Er Monday... MondayTuesday!

Hello there, 

I don't know about you but I just got back from a long weekend I'm a little confused as to what day it is... but it was amazing! We packed so much into those three days,It would take forever to tell you about all of it. How about I show you instead.  
We like to eat.    Especially BBQ, don't tell my husband but I much prefer a good charcoal grilled burger over anything else! I prefer it even more then I am eating surrounded my my very nearest and dearest. My aunt and uncle were visiting from mexico so E and I drove down SUnday night to spend the day with my family. My other aunt, and my grandpa came for lunch and it was most supreme Memorial Day picnic I have ever seen! 
Puppy dogs.    Around my house and my parents house, we love them. We love to pet them we love to snuggle them, we love to take pictures of them, we even love to play cards with them (see below) Don't you love those puppy dog eyes. These two have that look down pat! Lily (on the left) was actually afraid of my camera, so that is more of a "Don't shoot me" look. Toby (on the right) He is just a love pup and was shooting me the "Pick me up and love me" look.
We played games.    When there are ten people in the house it's always a blast to break out the games! We went through countless rounds of apples to apples. This games is infinitely funnier when played with my 17 year old brother, my energetic Aunt Becky and my logical thoughtful grandfather. I adore the mix of personalities. I also love when you catch someone off guard (like my Aunt Teri above) and their laughter fills the house!
     This was all just one day of our holiday weekend but it was an amazing blessing to me to have all of those wonderful people under one roof even for just a few hours. I am blessed that my husband was able to see parts of my family that he hasn't seen since Christmas! It was just amazing all around.
     I am so thankful for my family, no matter how near or far they live. They are all so dear to me and I love them so.
How did you spend your Memorial day weekend?

 Do me a favor and pop over here and tell me what you think I should buy. I need as many opinions as I can! :) Pretty Please! 


  1. I love that game! It's so fun with a bunch of people!!

    1. Everyone in my family has a different way to play, you have to play specifically to each person. One plays it serious, another plays ironic, my little brother... he is totally random. It's hilarious to play with my family.


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