Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I am listening to these days


Whoo! The weekend is here! I am not ashamed to say it, yes, I just rolled out of bed and I am getting ready to make some amazing coffee!
Before I do that though I thought that I would add to your "sound track for life" with some music that is making me move lately!

We have to start the day with one of my all time favorites, I clearly remember my dad singing this at various time when I was growing up and now I frequently find pleasure in getting it stuck in my husband's head! It's one of those to me that can never be over played.

Going in a completely different "direction" this is a new release that has made me stop and listen more than once since it's been on the radio. Laugh if you will, it's the revival of the boy bands and I think it's adorable. It's even more adorable when the hubs sings it to me!

Here is another oldie for you, and I have my brother to thank for "reintroducing" me to this one! It's just fun and as my man found out it will come up on youtube if you search "Haulin' Oats"

Ok this one is because I just saw The Avengers and I'm not going to lie I love Ironman! I also love the way that they have really linked this music with his character.

Well I know that I a very "exciting" mix of music but I hope it makes you hop out of bed and have a Saturday morning dance party like us! Have a great weekend peeps!

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