Thursday, June 21, 2012

5things (Gonna go for a walk today)

*Psssst* Guess what?!?

It's Friday eve! Ha ha What, you've never heard it called that before? I just feel like its a good way to spread out the celebration of the weekend. We all could use a little more weekend right?

First off last night was a right grand adventure. Which calls for it's own theme song. So here you go, play this in the background as you look through our adventure. 

(I couldn't find one with the original video) 
So here we go 5thing
1. My beautiful flowers. They are a constant reminder of God's grace. He doesn't have to cover our world with this kind of beauty, but he does because he is such a lover of beautiful things, and making un beautiful things beautiful. (Also who knew Hosta's bloomed?)
2. Two working (if funny shaped) feet. In recent months I have come to see just what a huge blessing it is to be able to get around on my and without pain. SO really I am thankful for mine and for his two feet too! By the way please be praying friends, in the next few weeks I'll be off my feet once again for a while. 

6 of my favorite feet.

Bailey made a new friend last night with one of our neighbors
 3. Neighbors. We live in such a wonderful sweet little neighborhood and last night while on our walk we ran into 3 different neighbors who were all as sweet as can be! I'm thankful for such a friendly, safe, and pretty place to be. 

Speaking of pretty, I swear one of Hannibal's redeeming qualities is its sunsets! They are THE BEST.
4. Our home. A girl couldn't ask for a better first home. It's sweet, it's simple, and it's tucked into the best neighborhood.


  5. This dude. Isn't he the best looking guy you've ever seen? I am beyond blessed to call him mine, he is such a fun caring man and he is a joy to be around. Apparently E has been watching too much Man vs Wild he wanted to take off on an exploration into the woods yesterday.

+(Bonus) A good nights sleep. We are BOTH so thankful that we have all been sleeping through the night the last few nights. 

The fresh air and the sunshine have really done us all some good, and last night we really enjoyed soaking up every last ounce of sunlight and vitamin D on the longest day of the year! 

So what has brought joy to your Thursday today? Any adventurous Husbands or cute little fluffy butts in your life lately?

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