Sunday, June 3, 2012

Excitement of Sunday

     Dear Sunday, Thank you for your commitment to finishing out my weekend with a Bang. You have ushered in so much fun.
     Dear Miniature sheep dog, I love you so, but I sure wish you wouldn't take out your pony tails like that. Also me throwing your ball and you getting it and taking it back to your blanket is not considered fetch. Just thought you should know. 
     Dear Crossing Hannibal, you have given me the opportunity to serve and feel a part of something, you rock, and also AMEN. 
     Dear Scentsy, when I plug you in an turn you on you make my whole house smell amazing. With a scent name like Skinning Dipping you know its going to be wonderful. Plus you look so adorable with my decor, sitting there all aglow.
     Dear Coffee Bar, Grand Opening? I think so! Ww brewed, we steamed, we blended and we caffeinated the entire Hannibal Campus. Lets do it again. Next week? Definitely.
      Dear Amazing case full of free Diet Coke. You make little heart go flipity-flop. You are a special treat and a welcomed surprise.
     Dear 3 hour afternoon nap, It's been far too long since I have had the pleasure of your aquaintce. Seriously at least 2 years. Lets not wait so long before meeting again. You are so refreshing. 
     Dear Anniversary Daisies, you just keep blowing my mind. It's been three week and with some diligent care you still look as beautiful as ever.
     Dear little green light of life, I have been blessed that you have stayed around! Though my computer must remain at the table it is much preferred to having no computer at all! 
     Dear Husband watching you have fun and hang with your buds makes my heart so happy. I am so grateful for friendships that last. 
     Dear adorable little girls, Your talent rocks my socks off and your sister harmony is beyond sweet, I am totally amazed by your ability to sing so well, and keep up with that rhythm section!! You two deserve a big break, and to make it even bigger than whats-his-face Beiber.

     Dear Blog Readers I can't begin to explain you how groovy I think each on of you are for reading along and just doing life with E and the Pup and I. Keep being amazing!

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