Friday, June 8, 2012

High Five For Friday

It's here again, Friday! I look forward to it all week. When I was young it was always because we would do dinner and a movie, and now it' more because the weekend is here and I get a "date" night with my hubby!

Here is my top 5 things I am loving this week
1.Curls. I have naturally straight hair and I just love curling it. It's a little bit of a challenge with my shorter hair not to turn out like Shirley Temple but I have just about perfected this bouncy wave! 
2.Skirts! I have been in either a skirt or a dress every day this week. I just love sundresses and flippy little skirts and honestly I would live in them all summer long if I could! Especially when paired with TOMS.  

3.My Fossil Watch, I know I have had it for some time already, but it's almost as pretty as my wedding ring, I always looking down at it and just loving how chunky and class it is!

4.Putt-Putt, (is that how it's spelled?) I love it! It has always been E and I's go to date. I am hoping to sweet talk him into it tonight!

5.COFFEE, It's been on my brain a lot with the coffee bar opening but the smell, the taste, even just making it! Awesome.

It has been a great week here in "America's Hometown" How has your week been?
If you get a chance go Check out Lauren @ From My Grey Desk 
and see her adorable kitties and some awesome notebooks from one of my favorite stores! 

Have a great Weekend chums!


  1. I LOVE Fossil watches. They are super classy and still relatively affordable. I've had mine for years, and it's still in such good shape.

    1. I have always survived with wal-mart watches, till a few years ago my Husband bought me a Relic... well over the period of 5 years, I wore it out. Seriously, worn out. I figured if I could wear my Relic every day for five years, I could splurge a little on Fossil and it would totally be worth it!


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