Friday, June 15, 2012

High five for Friday

Happy Friday Chum,

I has been a mellow week around here, Photog conference on Monday, Small group in the park, Softball and then just a lovely random night with the hubbs yesterday. I love it! I love my lovely little life. 

My High five shall be pictureless today... just because. That way I can focus on the words. :) Ha ha 

1. Coffee with Friends. I love it. Stalling after bible study, making our way to our house an hour later, putting the espresso machine to goo use! Love it.

2. Peanut butter. Enough said. I'm obsessed.

3. Diet Coke. My life may be a healthier place without it but what who wants to live in that cold dark sad world? 

4. Dark Chocolate. Just found that the darker the Chocolate the lower the carbs! Spiffy!

5. Baking. I have always had a Suzie Homemaker side. It seems she is rather dominant and doesn't like this no-carb lifestyle very much. But this weekend I get a chance to bake up a storm for some lovely ladies at my 31 party! :) 

(Gee, now I'm hungry. I wonder why?)

YAY FOR EXCITING WEEKEND PLANS! So how about you do you have any exciting weekend plans? Do YOU want to come to my super cool Thirty One party?


  1. Mmmm I love dark chocolate! I wish I could come to your party! But we still live 6 hours away from each other. Why hasn't that been remedied yet?

    1. I'm not sure, those silly men need to get on that! In the mean time I will begin work on a teleportation machine. Stat. (that means fast) STAT! BTW this dark chocolate came from Aldi and it's fabulous (and cheap)


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