Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Almost weekend peeps! 

Can I just say that I LOVE summer? Cause I do, really I love all the seasons and if you hang around till September or so you will see my true love is Autumn, however I just love the sunshine and the warmth that comes with summer! The long days, the peaceful sounds of crickets at night, its just lovely. Even though I don't get a real "summer break" there is just something easier and more refreshing about working during the summer. Ok, enough gushing, on to my High 5 for the week, its been a pretty dang great week around here and guess what?!?! Next week is going to be even better! 


1. Good the Be Alive ~ Jason Gray This song speaks for itself, Jason Gray has done it again with this little ditty. Not only is the song great, you should take a minute and watch the music video. Funny stuff people, funny stuff! 


2. TOMS! Here is the conclusion to the earlier post. I waited around trying to make up my mind on which two pair I wanted, finally I decided to commit and get the Green Apple, and the Hawaiian Blossom pair, sadly they didn't have the Purple Hawaiian pair in my big footed size. :( So I opted for the Sparkly black pair instead.

   :) They should be here in about a week and a half! Happy Birthday (again) to me!

3. Evening walks. I know I have mentioned them twice this week but seriously I could take a nice warm walk with my hubby every night. It takes me back to when we were first dating and used to walk and talk loops around our college campus. Last night we played 2 truths and a lie, which is harder than it seems with someone that you have known for nearly 5 years! 

4. Thirty One. Yes! A week later I am still going on about this, My party was a hit, and I have even gotten a ton of orders since that I can pass along to Shannon, It's awesome. Plus I am super excited to get my goodies! Most specifically I am looking forward to this little beauty!

  5. Vacation! Or a stay-cation rather. The hubs and I confirmed this week we will get to have a whirlwind whole 6 days together next week! We have been plotting and planning all the fun things we want to do next week. One thing I am most excited about is a potential movie marathon night. We haven't decided yet what movies to watch, but I am pulling for a Tom Hanks marathon. I have never seen some of his best stuff and I am dying to see Catch Me if You Can, Castaway, and Saving Private Ryan.

Any suggestions? What are some of your favorite movies to watch back to back to back?

I hope your week has been awesome and that your weekend is even better! Any Crazy plans? 


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