Monday, June 11, 2012

It's a good think I like to laugh!

Happy Monday Peeps!

    My Monday is looking like it's going to be a great one! We started out with some much needed rain, and it was a pretty rain too. Did you know rain could be pretty? When it's just the perfect temperature and it's softly falling, it's almost prettier than a bright sunny day.   
     Also I am going to end my day with an adventure. My friend Julie and I are headed to good ole' Stl for a Photo/Photoshop class, conference thingy, and it's going to be so much fun! It's on of my first photo related classes since college and I am really eager to soak up some knowledge. Plus it's a road trip, who doesn't love a roadtrip?
    I wanted to let all of you know (for those of you waiting on baited breath) I FINISHED MY BOOK! It felt so good, I haven't read for pleasure, let alone finished a book in FOREVER! It was such a good book, too. If you are looking for something to read I highly suggest you pick up anything written by Liz Curtis Higgs. However I think my next read my be to give Karen Kingsbury another try. I had a HIGH recommendation from a good friend. She loves Karen Kingsbury, and I have read a few of her books before... but she always has a knack for making me cry. Maybe I'll just look for one of her books that seems like a lighter story line. I'll let you know how that goes!
     Ok on Friday we had "dude night". As in my hubby and all of his guy friends got together and like a good wife I tagged along! We went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" let me say... It's not worth your time. It was a neat premise but Charlize Theron (and her character) kinda freaked me out, Kristen Stewart is just out right forgettable and though it was worth it to see Chris Hemsworth plays a supporting character and can't be expected to carry the whole movie! That being said, it was fairly entertaining, but when the last movie I saw was The Avengers this just paled in comparison. 
     By now I am betting you want to know what I am laughing about. Let me start by saying this. I LOVE free stuff. I got a new dress on Saturday and it was free (mostly) I purchased it with rewards on my Old Navy Credit card and I was thrilled to find a dress that fit my price range and fit and was cute! Needless to say I wore it the next day, and then after church felt the need to do a solo photoshoot!
Many things were discovered over the course of this shoot. 
A.) I am not the skinny minnie I once was. Gonna have to fix that.
B.) I always have been and will forever be a goober, where else would I get those faces?
c.)Shooting yourself, is a workout! (and it shows on my face) I think I need a wireless remote.
 Without further ado... I present to you the reason it's a good thing I can laugh at myself and that I like to laugh.

 The one thing this dress has going for it is the color. Blue is not normally my first color pick, but my friend Mallory who was with me when I bought it, said it was a good look for me so I went with it.
 Making a mad dash across the yard leads to some REALLY interesting poses and faces! 
      Yeah in the future I am not incharge of posing myself... just because it feels cute, doesn't me it is cute! HA
 (Side note, I am thinking that the computer is not translating the quality of the images very well)
     Needless to say not one of my more successful shoots. The dress is really light and comfy to wear,looks fun when paired with my roman sandals, plus I feel cute in it, regardless of how much a goober I may be! That's all that matters to me. 
     How about you, do you have any new must wear outfits that you love?

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