Monday, June 18, 2012

June Birchbox

Happy Monday! How was your weekend my friends? 
     Mine was busy and yet so fun and now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Thirty One stuff! :D It's so much fun being a girl.
     Also would you believe that I am already plotting Christmas gifts? I am a big fan of adorable functional homemade gifts so I am trying to plan what I want to make for who. I love that since I am married I have more people to make for!
     Guess what I found out today?!?! I get a Stay-cation this year! I didn't really think the Hubs and I would get any real time off together this year and then I find out he gets a whole week and my boss was gracious enough to let me off those same days! So now we have a week to figure out What fun (free) we can find in the area to do. Also I want to get the house cleaned, and maybe get groceries bought and prepped so that next week we don't have a care in the world! :) It's gonna be awesome, me, my sweetie, free time!
Now Here's what you all came to see, my June Birchbox!


This month's "theme" Is travel! Love it, cute, simple clean.

Even the inside of the shipping box was decorated. That's the second time this week I have had something decorated like that on the inside, it's just one more thing to say "we care enough to take our time with your order" Very classy Birchbox!

 Would you look at all that travely goodness? I am so much more excited about this now that I know I get to vaca this summer!

~First up we have Number 4. It's a leave in conditioner/de-tangeler. It smells amazing and it says that it actually has UV protection. Like sunscreen for your hair. 

~Next is this adorable little travel bag. It looks like a zip lock bag only way sturdier and much more fashionable!

 ~Above is the blender cleanser. Personally I felt a bit teased since I know some people have actually received the Beauty Blender applicator and I just got the cleanser! But it will work for cleaning my brushes. 
~To the right is Stainiac, its a lip and cheek stain. This made my day! I have always wanted to try a stain and this is perfect! A lovely rosey color.
 ~Over to our left (don't I sound like a tour guide?)is actually a men's Birchbox exclusive. It's Jon Varatos U.S.A. It thought it smelled really yummy. Like a well dressed man. The Hubs said it smelled like "Brute" I just think he should wear it, regardless. :)

 ~Lastly this lovely is a nice treat. They are self tanning towelettes. No muss, no fuss, clean simple and so tidy. No messy lotions or sprays just a simple healthy glow with out the fake bake! Looks like I will have a quick tan for my vacation too! 

So much fun summery stuff, this has by far been my favorite box. I looked at it all and there wasn't a thing in there that I wouldn't use! There have been months that I wasn't real sure about what was in my box but months like this I am so VERY glad to have the subscription.(Don't tell but I am seriously considering getting a couple of these as gifts for Christmas this year) 

So what about you my friends? Do you have any exciting travel plans this summer? Where is your favorite place that you have traveled in the past?

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  1. I'm really tempted to buy a birch box after seeing your reviews, you're a good sales-woman!

    We're going to Charleston as honeymoon part II in August or September! Thinking about going to Chattanooga for a weekend also.

    I got a letter in the mail today :) we did get the lovely afghan! Did I send your TY note to the wrong address? I thought it would have arrived by now! Anywho, thank you!


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