Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The little things

      Have you ever been in a place that is so good, and you love where are but you know something is coming and there in the back of your mind there is anticipation? Have you felt that, longing to enjoy where you are but you can't get away from that feeling of change? The best I can equate this to is right before my senior year of High School. I knew it would be a blast but at the same time I knew there was an even bigger journey on the other side of this school year. I guess this is a philosophy through out all of life... there is always a change coming.
     Right now however I am striving to really throw myself into life right now. I'm not dis content with my life... but I'm not so sure I'm content either. Somehow I feel that is ok though. To be striving for more. To be more than a fan. Not so much ignoring today and reaching for tomorrow but trying to make the very most of today. Right now
     I feel like I am talking in circles but my point is that God has put me in this place, newly married, with an ok job and very little "real" stress to accomplish something. I want to channel that growing ache to do something into really making a difference for the kingdom. 
     God really has made my life beautiful and I want to soak it all in, I'm excited for the adventure that lies ahead but for today I want to shine bright. I have a dear friend who is such a light. She always has been, just vibrant, lovely, energetic personality. She is setting out this week on what I consider a HUGE adventure and it makes me so ready to GO and DO but I pause to remember that God has been molding her and shaping her for some time for this and that I still have to allow Him to make the changes in me that I will need for my next big adventure. I have huge aspirations to really leave a legacy, but I guess what I'm saying is it really is the small decisions in day to day life that add up to my life as a whole. 

For today I am enjoying wearing my TOMS knowing somewhere there is a person that has the sister pair, who needs the protection for their precious feet.
 I will try with all that is in me to speak love to all that I come in contact with, knowing that I may be the only Jesus they may see all day. That is a heavy responsibility.
I want to water my lovely flowers on my front porch in hopes that they will brighten somebody's day as much as they do mine.
I WILL stop, pause, reflect and pull over on the side of the road to capture the sunset.
I will fall in love all over again with the only really lover of my soul that romances me each day and longs that I have faith to believe and make those little choices to add up to a life time legacy. 

Have you ever been in that place... 


  1. You totally just described my life for the past year. Excited for what is to come but trying to live in today. It's hard, but for what it's worth, I really admire your ability to see the beauty in the little, everyday things. I think the little moments in life are where He is revealed the most. :)

    1. Jen,
      You are such an encouragement. I know that we should cherish the little things but its so easy to get excited and wrapped up in what's to come too!


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