Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of java and beans and Jesus

So On Sunday.... IT HAPPENED!

     The Crossing: Hannibal finally got its coffee shop! I have been helping to get this project off the ground for a while. The bar was built just for this specific purpose as we had rehabbed the building. I had asked about this particular ministry early on and decided to jump in head first when I was told they were in need of volunteers. Now a few months later I have grown rather attached! I love it. The bar is so classy and sleek. The machines are new and shiny and the coffee... superb. Superb not only in taste but also in mission. You see this coffee is grown, harvested and roasted in Ethiopia. When we purchase the beans the money goes to the mission there. I love it.
     So now it comes full circle the people of Hannibal are caffeinated, and I along with all our other groovy volunteers got to be the hands and feet of the church!I adore the hearts of these people, they range from 15 years old to real grown ups better equipped than I, I am sure. From people that have never had a sip of coffee to those with more coffee experience then I will ever gain. It's amazing. I am so thankful for everyone of them. 
     So how would you like a peek at the coffee bar? You would? 
     First off those are all the awesome flavors we have right now to add in your latte', cappuccino, or just plain coffee. I'm hoping to amass quite the collection of those. Next is our little beast! Look at that thing, it steams, it brews, it sweeps the floor.... oh wait scratch that last one. And that chandelier, yeah it's one of at least 15 that deck out this cool old building. Ok this last part is my favorite.... you know I am easily amused...check out around the top of the bar and under the counter on that little picture to the right. Those are touch lights! Neat little sparks of light that all turn on with just the slightest tough to the sensor. NEAT-O!
     The very best part of this though... the people that will come in to our church, they may come in for the coffee, but they will leave with Jesus.

 Dear Father let our little coffee ministry bring glory to you! 

Now you know, this is where quite a bit of my spare time has been! I couldn't be happier, being in the ministry and serving coffee! It's couldn't be better!

How do you take your coffee? Black, with cream, latte, cappuccino?

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