Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Party Animal

Guess what I am doing on Saturday! 
Go a head and guess! 
No I am not petting a rino,
Nor am I building a bi-plane from scratch.
Nope, I'm not even flying a kite.

I am however having a party! 
A Thirty-One party.
Have you ever heard of them?
It is a christian company that sells the cutest little bags.

They come in all shapes, sizes and patterns.
You just can't resist them. 
That was my problem.
My friend asked if I would host a party.
Then when tempted with the chance to earn a freebie.
I just couldn't resist.

So this leads me to Saturday. 
I am so beyond excited.
My mother raised me right.
I know how to throw one heck of a party.
Here is my plan...
The party is at 3. 
I will be cleaning and baking all morning.
I'll be totally in my element as Suzie Homemaker.
Then decorating will commence.
I have a couple days, and I want to make bunting.
Maybe 2.
The plan is also to have cute plates and napkins.
I go all out on this kind of stuff people.

Then once everything is in its place it will begin.
Lovely people will arrive.
Smiles will be shared and good food consumed.
Games will be played and laughter will bubble.
Bags and purses will be passed around...
and hopefully lots of sales will be made!

That ladies and gentlemen is my party in a nutshell.
I hope it's even half as fun as this just sounds on paper er..blog.
Also shameless plug, if you are interested in any Thirty-one products you can go here www.mythirtyone.com/196109 and take a look around. :)
Can you tell how excited I am?
It's going to be amazing!
Don't you want to come? 


  1. I want a cute diaper bag! If you find one that screams "Leah!" Let me know!

    1. Actually there is!! One pattern called Minty Chip looks just like something that you would carry. And it would work for a boy or a girl and there are several different bags that would make great diaper bags. There is also another one that is just bright and fun, I'll post some pictures for you on FB! :) I know it's still early for you but if you wanted it could go toward my party total ;)


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