Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes I just let my mind wander

     Some mornings when I get my little hiney out of bed in time I enjoy some quiet time on the couch. I normally spend most of that time in scripture and bible study but part of that time I just take a few deep breaths and think. I don't really ponder the mysteries of the universe but I just let my silly female brain do what it does best. Wander aimlessly from one subject to the next. This morning I was reflecting on a book that I am reading.
     I am an avid reader and I love to just soak in words. I have never been much of a writer but I sure love to just open my mind and pour in words. To me it is MUCH more enjoyable than a TV show or a movie. Reading may be more of an investment, sometimes taking you months to finish but in the end you are more in love with the story and you feel as though the characters are very near to your heart. It's altogether much more satisfying. 
     My most recent find is the second book in a series that I started *ahem* well over a year ago *ahem* I am ashamed to say that I have really fallen out of the habit of reading since college, It found I didn't often have that down time to read... so I just didn't, I was lazy with my reading for enjoyment. The author is the lovey Liz Curtis Higgs. I actually stumbled upon her work my junior year of high school when a friend of mine gave my her book Grace in Thine Eyes, I fell in love with it. It is a period christian romance set in 1800's Scotland. Soon after I found that she had written several other books that intertwine with this one and I quickly snatched them up.
     Fast forward about 4 years and my Mother has recently discovered her hidden love for reading and is systematically devouring all my books on my book shelf. She this proceeds to find that since I had last looked Liz Curtis Higgs has written several new books and promptly goes out and finds them! She now has me hooked! I loved this author before, I think I love her even more now. 
    Back to my book. Mine is the Night is again set in Scotland in the 18th century, but the real beauty of this book is its foundation. The author has actually based and shaped this story around the biblical account of Boaz and Ruth. Obviously it's not and exact retelling but its more a parallel. Its exciting to be reading something new and all the while looking for the hints of a beautifully woven familiar story as well. It's fun to know basically how the story ends but you have no idea how it will get there. All of this to say I have really been pondering the beautiful love story, more than the story of Ruth and Boaz, but the FIRST, REAL love story that even this one is emulating. That of a compassionate savior, who full of mercy loved a broken, undeserving girl who had nothing left. Who scooped her up and not only provided for her all her needs but also loved her beyond her deepest imaginings. 
    It really is amazing, don't you think? 

This is just a peek into my book -loving nerd girl obsession with reading. I could go on all day about Some of my most beloved titles. (Have you read Jane Austin, how about Lori Wick?)

Also it's Thursday so...

1. Sunshine and fresh air, I know it's so simple but when you are inside all day you cherish any chance you get to take in the sun and some vitamin D!
 2. Cooking, seriously I love it! It may seem a bit entailed after a long day of working but I love that I can provide yummy healthy meals for my family at a fraction of the cost to eat out! 
3. My sweet little apartment. I know I have said this before, but I feel TOTALLY blessed to have such an adorable little place as our first home.(Even if I do get paint envy sometimes.)
4. My hair is long enough to FRENCH BRAID! It may seem petty but I am always amazed by the way God made our bodies to gown and change, even if its something so vain as hair.
5.My job, I may not always love it.... but I am thankful for it. :) 


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