Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you

(Ok be honest, how many of you read that like the song from the King and I?)

Tuesday is here.
     Though I must admit I had a splendid evening yesterday and I did NOT want it to end. Seriously there is something fantastic about a nice normal evening in with my husband. First of all cooking with him makes it so much more fun, especially when he RAVES about my green beans. Ha ha who knew that changing up your cooking methods could win such awards, I'll have to share my "recipe" with you sometime. 
     Also my new nail polish and polish remover came in the mail last night. Just in time!

I may sound like such a girly girl here, but it's the simple things in life and I love painting my nails. I'm not one for the nail art so much (probably because I'm not very good at it) but there is just something so finished about polished nails. Like the border on a birthday cake, or the hem on a dress. See... Girly. Guilty as charged.
     I have read a couple blogs in the last few days that have inspired me. I'm going to try and not totally steal their ideas, and make it more me. But the theme is something along the lines of if you knew me. On my end I blog about quite a bit of my life and there are definitely a few things that don't get posted. I know that I feel like in the last few months I have met quite a few new friends but it's not quite the same as if we went out for coffee, or brunch together. Some amusing stories and background can slip through the cracks.
 So, what I am wanting to do is just tell you a few things about me that you may not already know!

We encourage; getting to know each other! 

1. I am hopelessly a dog person. Ok so you may have already guessed this one, but what you don't know is how deep it runs. As long as I have been alive I have had a dog. Anything that is cute and wiggly and covered with fur, I love it! I would take it home and snuggle it. This is not to say I am anti-cat. Quite the contrary if I could bet my eyelashes hard enough at E I would have a house full of furry critters. But at this point I have just never had a cat. Because of this as a rule I don't watch dog movies. Or Horse movies. Period. They will be sad, they will be heart wrenching and I will cry. So I just say NO. :)

My love for dogs goes way back. Princess was my first 4 footed friend and my protector.

2. For the middle 13 years of my life I was a hard core competitive dancer. As in, live out of my dance bag, constantly blistered callused feet, 15 hours a week, studio is my second home, hard core. In a lot of ways I still am, I may have been out of the sport now for 5 years but I still have just as much passion for it as I did my last dance. It was my love and my life for a very long time and my family was crazy amazing enough to put up with and fund my passion for all those years. I think this explains my love for music, it's the way I connect emotionally, give me a few notes or measures of music and my heart dances. 

3. I am completely and totally terrified of snakes. I'm tempted to say it's actually a phobia. I have no past reason or trauma to explain why in the world I am so afraid. But show me a snake and I will likely do one of three things... faint... puke... or scale the nearest tall thing be it a tree or a person. I blame the serpent in the garden. (and I kinda blame Eve)

4. I can't play sports to save my life. Sounds kind of backwards right? I was a dancer but I can't play sports. I can't really give you a reason but I will tell you it's something I'm pretty self conscious about. Most kids at least have a basic knowledge of things like volleyball, basket ball and tag football right? Not this girl. I break out into a cold sweat when a few of our friends suggest we "throw a friendly game together" I say let's stick with cards.... or scrabble... 

5. My mom had my name picked out long before she ever even met or married my dad. It's straight from Scripture; Acts 16. She was one of the very first disciples in Phillipi and also a strong independent woman who sold cloth to the wealthy people in town. Traditionally it's said she sold purple cloth since that's the color of royalty. (Maybe that's why I love the color so much! My mom had always loved the name and it's something that she had picked out for a very long time before I was ever actually around! 

Ok that was fun! I may have to make this a short series of blogs because the longer I worked on this the more I came up with even more facts! I hope you enjoyed our "coffee" date and that you sitll want to be my friend! ;) Also I may have to dig up a few old dance pictures just for kicks... because lets face it, it doesn't get much cuter than little baby face me in a tutu! :) 

Have an awesome Tuesday my friends.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Dreaming

My Peeps! Its been a whole long weekend! How I have missed you. 

Its been a rather perfect day so far if you ask me. For a Monday that is. I think it always helps to ease the angst when you have a light at the end of the tunnel. My light this weekend?
 These Girls! I can't believe how young we all look here, I guess that's what 5 years will do to you!  I am getting together with some of my favorite people in the world and it seems like forever since I have seen them. Yes, I have "seen" them but its just not the same as getting to really have some girl time.
  We're only missing this girl, she completes this lovely sisterhood. I know I have mentioned this precious group to you in the past, but these are the amazing, strong Godly women that got me through high school and then from afar and through the amazing power of prayer through college as well.
     So that's what I am swimming toward this week. Also the sky has been beautifully overcast today and its been almost comfortable outside (as opposed to being sweltering) So with excitement on my mind and a peaceful sky out my window my happy mind has been day dreaming.

 Of this that will be coming in the mail any day now....

 And one of these that I have been pining over since I first saw them... With an L or a G or both.... I don't care if they are expensive and fragile... they male my heart happy.

And one of these that I will own one day... I blame Kate. She has me hooked! Ever since I saw one on her blog I have been seeing statement necklaces everywhere! Kinda makes me want to make some, rather than buy them though.

I guess you can surmise it to say that today is a beautiful day to be a girl and dream of girly things. Yes indeed.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello Friend, 

     I have been thinking about blogging about this certain topic for a while but I wasn't real sure if I wanted to really open up this part of me to the "great wide world" Plus you all know how I feel about jumping on the band wagon. However I thought that well, since this blog is (as self centered as this sounds) all about me, that maybe this would give me some accountability. What I am talking about it health and fitness and that dirty W word... Weight. 
    When I first started just asking around about how other people keep in shape I heard a lot of flack. 'Oh, you look fine', 'Loose weigh where?'Honestly I know, I'm not a huge person, but here is the deal. I have been been somewhat thin most of my life, and I attribute that to the fact that I was always a VERY active child and even in high school and college my idea of fun was to go for a walk or get outside and play. Plus I think I was blessed with a pretty snappy metabolism. 
     However in the last year a lot of things have changed. First big one, I got married! Second I got a job that requires me to sit behind a desk 40 hours a week. Last is something that I don't talk about much but I also had a fierce battle with depression for a while. All of these things have added up to the fact that I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and I wasn't spending near enough time being active. On top of all of those things I am not really on speaking terms with my blood sugar. I am hypoglycemic and my blood sugar is moody to say the least! Please don't get the idea that I am one of these blaming people that wants to pawn off my lack of exercise and weight gain on my circumstances, I am completely aware that it is all about choices, and I made some pretty stinky ones there for while. All of that has added up to about 20 lbs that I have gained in the last year. Nothing scary but definitely 20 lbs more than I want to be carrying around!
     Lately though I have been fighting my human nature and trying to make better choices. You see I believe that my health is not about one pivotal life changing choice but a lot of little choices every day that add up to who I am. That can even be said about my spiritual health! I wanted to fill you all in on some of the choices I am making because I have this really bad habit of felling awful, making a change and then getting completely burned out about 2 weeks in! so here goes!
     First up is the exercise. I have a love/hate relationship with traditional exercise. You see I was a dancer all the way through high school so I know that real exercise can be fun, it doesn't have to be boring or mind numbing. For that reason alone I have identified I am not a runner. I just can't make it more than 3 miles before my brain gets completely bored, and then I begin to dwell on how far I have run, how long I still have to run, the fact that my knees ache. Needless to say running and I, we aren't a match made in heaven, we go out on an occasional casual date, but nothing serious. 
     I have also tried a few work out videos. The one that I have really seen the best results with is the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. While I like the results I see, and the minimum time commitment, I just have to say it. She gets on my very last nerve! Grrr Ha ha ha She's excellent as a trainer and I am still trying to work my way through this program but honestly she is getting to me! 
     Now at the moment, I am biking. I have borrowed my parents stationary bike and have been biking about 12 miles every day for 16 days or so. Actually I love this, I can read still be getting in a really good sweaty work out. That or I can watch 3 episodes of 'Say Yes to the Dress' on Netflix! However I am going to have to redefine my routine, since I will be returning the bike to my parents! What I would really like to do is invest in the Insanity DVD set and put my mind to finishing the 60 day series. Maybe if I spent that much money on it I would actually finish it? I'm not convinced, I have a track record. :/ 
     Anyway my point is I have this struggle. I'm not normally one to put stuff like this out there online, but I I just felt like I needed an outlet to talk about this. That's kind of what this blog is for. 
      For me I know that the biggest part of my battle is mental. I get myself all psyched up and ready to "do it to it" and then I get hungry. Have you every experienced that personality change that occurs when you are hungry? It's like you aren't even you anymore! All my self control goes out the window and the first thing I reach for is carbs and sugar. But like any poor choice it doesn't really satisfy and it leaves me feeling awful in the long run. For the most part I love healthy food, fresh veggies and real fruit, but when I blow it, I blow it big time. When I "pig out" I don't just eat one cookie, the craving gets to me and I get so fixated  obsessed, I eat the whole bowl of dough till I am miserable! Then once I have let myself have that splurge I am gone, for a week at least. I just don't know how it happens time and time again but I always get to the end of the week looking back at the mess and feeling terrible. 
     I have been feeling for sometime that this sturggle is with something more than just food, I mean it's not healthy the way that I let this all get in my head. I can't remember a time when I sent so much time worrying about food and health like this. Call me crazy but I seriously have wondered if this is some spiritual warfare going on. 
     So for now, I don't have any grand "life changes" I am committing to, or even some diet plan that I am going to power my way through. But I would like to ask you all to keep me in your prayers, I really am desiring to let this go, and really turn it over to the God that made my body and my stubborn metabolism. To try and make a point to quit fixating so on food and cravings and use those thoughts as a reminder to redirect my mind to Him. I feel like my body and my heart would both benefit from this. 
     So this is where I have been lately and would actually like to come to some form of balance and normalcy with instead of these every two week crashes and mood swings. I'm sure this could all be viewed as one of those first world problems, but It's where my heart is right now so if you don't mind. Thank you all for being there, and for listening! You really are the best! 

High 5 for Friday

     Thank Goodness it's Friday. There is just something magical about Fridays, they have the same amount of hours as any other day, and yes you still have to work, but I think it's like that last push at the end of the race, you can see the finish line and you have that last burst of energy! So here is my end of the week last burst of energy! And there at the finish line... a friend waiting to HIGH 5!

1. I guess this is technically last week but... 

My amazing momma won tickets to the 12 Gifts of Christmas tour that will be in town in Dec! I am beyond thrilled and we are actually planning a whole girls weekend around it!

2. I am off crutches! I went to the doctor on Monday and everything is healing well and I am officially released to use both of my feet! :)

3. Young Grasshopper is learning... Ha ha I was treated last night to something every girl should be blessed with. My hubby made supper. So it was floured and fried and it was deer meat... but He made supper and I didn't have to lift a finger! That is worthy of some big time celebration!

4. My newest TV addiction. Make it or Break it.
I have Netflix to thank for having whole series readily available but I can't say I am sorry. I love it! I'm hooked watching the day in and day out drama of the lives of these Olympic hopefuls!

5. The biggest reason I am so glad it's Friday, it's the opening day of the Olympics! I have been waiting 4 years for this day... Ha ha seriously and someone that grew up in sports I have always loved watching most sports and honestly the Olympics are the ultimate chance to get involved! I mean it doesn't get anymore patriotic than to be able to cheer on your team and your country! U-S-A

     That's life this week. Life that has settled back into somewhat of a normal routine here and I am so thankful. I am loving life with just me a my little family and my little apartment, but I also have the distinct feeling that God is on the move. For now we just wait patiently and try to focus on being in His will, in the moment.  


Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's a mellow day for me, I don't know about you but I work up to the sound and smell of rain and it was heavenly. We are so in need of it here that just hearing it this morning made my day before I even opened my eyes. Has your day been made yet? Here have a bloggy hug ((    ))! Hope that makes your day! :)  

Or this, this song makes my day over and over again. All those beautiful voices in harmony. 

1. My Small group peeps, I don't always realize just how much I need them till it been 3 weeks since I have really seen them! You guys are the Bomb! 
2. My nifty little inherited sewing machine. My mother sews, my grandmother sewed, I'm glad to be a part of that legacy and that I am finally 'ok' enough at it that I can enjoy the projects I turn out. Like bright red bird tutus!
3. Things that smell good. I know most med probably aren't wired like this, but I know women are. Why else would there be whole stores devoted to smelly good candles and body stuff! Currently my desk smells of tropical pineapple and my house like a fresh ocean breeze. 
4. 2 cars that run great and are paid off. This is no small potatoes! With everything that we are paying on monthly, a car payment isn't one of them. I think that's pretty spiffy.
5. Goodness. It's still out there. WE may not see it all the time and not everyone may exude it but those random acts of kindness. They bless my heart even when they aren't toward me at all. In fact, look out Hannibal, I am inspired, I'm going to look for at least one random act of kindness to do this afternoon! ;)

Well those are just 5 of the things I am thankful for today among others is that THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING! Seriously anybody out there having an opening ceremony party? Or want to throw one with me? WE totally should! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately

     Yesterday I told you that I tend to rank things, well Wednesday, she used to be WAAAAAY down on my list of days of the week. When I was in college it was always the busiest day, the most stressful day and by far the longest day of the week, I therefore was not on speaking terms with Wednesday for a very long time (at least 3 years)but now, well we have kind of mellowed out, I don't mess with Wednesday and Wednesday doesn't mess with me. That's the way we like it.
     Today I wanted to let you know how incredibly thankful I am for all you you lovely readers. I began my cute little blog mostly as a place to keep track of life and to just be a kind of creative outlet. You guys, well you're just an amazing added bonus! I have made several new friends, and rekindled with a few old ones and all of you have still stuck around! It's amazing! So thank you.
     Also update on the 2 gimps in the Geisendorfer household. I went to the Dr. on Monday and I am off the crutchers and healing really well! Miss Fluff Bucket when to her Dr yesterday and she is almost completely healed! It really is awesome! In two weeks we have come so far. 
     Tiny grumble moment? Will we allow that today? Ok. I really wish that I had more pictures for the blog lately. I just don't. You see my poor camera has been put through it's paces and it's beginning to show in the quality of the images. I'm sure some of you are out there screaming "But LYDIA! You have a nice digital SLR what are you complaining about??" Well I don't know if you can spot it but my recent pictures there are some spots that pop up in every image. Kinda like floaters on your eye, not totally noticeable but when you obsess fixate that's all you see! I just haven't found anywhere around here that can clean my sensor and give it a good all around tune up and so I just get frustrated when I use it. Thus the lack of pictures. Eh, I'll get tired of the lack of pictures and start shooting again, I'm just on a hiatus I guess. 
     Sooooo, I am definitely not a college student any more, boy am I feeling it! E's college roomate was in town yesterday so after I got off work we ran around all evening, ate pizza, hung out, and went to the movies! We finally got to see The Dark Knight Rises! Our evening was SO much fun it really was like being in college again, complete with the the 8 am class the next morning. :P We went to the 10:15 show and didn't get home till after 1. I must admit I was rather proud of myself I only dozed once during the movie! All in all it was a great night and a GREAT movie! I was so glad I went to see it in theaters and didn't just wait till it came out on DVD. It was the perfect conclusion to the story and it was so well written and directed! It get's my two thumbs up! 
How cool is this promotional poster for the Olympics! I love it! So classy so fun so British!
      Speaking of thumbs up, who has two thumbs and is STOKED for the Olympics on Friday? This girl! I just love them, I count down the years between the summer and the winter Olympics! But more on that Friday. I'm thinking I need a opening ceremony party on Friday! Who's in? Anybody in town want to get together and watch, I even volunteer my big TV!
Ha ha Check it, Lego Olympians!

What about you, what is your favorite Olympic sport? Summer or Winter?       

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Birch Box

     Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week, just after Friday and just before Thursday. Don't ask me why, I am just a list maker and a ranker. So of course the days of the week would fall into an order. Just like all of the seasons have a rank. With both of those lists put together I would call today fair-to-middlin'! Fair because I get to see my small group peeps tonight, and middilin because well it's July and it's STINKING HOT! still   
     Over the weekend I finally got my hiney in gear and decided to get pictures of my July birch box before I used up all the goodies! First of all if you have never heard of birchbox you should! Cehck them out here www.birchbox.com and if you are so inclined and decide to take the plunge go here https://www.birchbox.com?raf=dwpld
     Tell them I sent you ;) 
     I have to say this month has got to be my absolute favorite of all the boxes I have recieved. I don't know if it was just all stuff that I am interested, or if they just did a great job with the branding and the packaging but I was sold before I even had it all the way out of the box! 
The theme this month was Senses, and Birchbox is paired with Glamour.
 First off the box is decked out in nailpolish graphic art, how cool is that?
 Senses, of course they had to include something for all five of my senses to enjoy! I must say I loved the color combo, I grew up believing that blue purple and green were the most awesome colors and apparently Birchbox thinks so too!

 Would you look at all that goodness? I hadn't even torn into it and I could tell it was going to be fun! Food, Music and Nailpolish? Tell me where to sign up!
 First up is the Awesome Neon colored headphones. They are a Birchbox exclusive and aren't for sale anywhere. That's enough to make a girl feel pretty dang special.
 Next came the Mania sheer glo lotion. I was sad it was such a tiny bottle, because I love it, what girl doesn't love to shimmer?
 Then came the Color Club nail polish! I can say I probably love polish more than you average girl but when it comes to brands I'm not super keen on this one. It seems to chip just a day in, which makes me so sad because I try to take such good care not to ruin my fresh mani! (Btw I know that Birchbox swears that their boxes are totally random but I think they have a plot to convert me to loving this color family, all of the nail polish I have received have all been in this color family! I get so many compliments on it... it's just not my fave) 
 I love hair stuff, have I ever told you that? I love getting hair sample so much! So to recieve this little tub o joy made my heart sing. I tend to have fairly dry hair so this was a treat to try out and I have to say I am a fan!

 Perfume, this has got to be one of the best perks of these boxes, you can try perfumes, several times actually without having to commit to a full bottle of anything. Harvey Prince, Eau Flirt. This stuff was light and fresh, a bit sweet but perfect for summer!
 Did you ever thing that they would fit a whole skincare regimen in a Birchbox? Well they have done it. With the SukiFace Brand there was a little sample of each of their products! I haven't tried them just yet but I am so excited! I think I might make some cookies, light some candles and have a "spa night" :)
Speaking of cookies, the last bit of fun in my box was receiving a Larabar. I had heard of them before but had never tried them. They are not exactly a granola, not exactly a protein bar. They are more like a healthy fun snack! (Probably healthier that cookies)   Mine was a Roasted Nut roll and personally I think that is awesome, it was fairly low on the sugar and high in protien! I would take more of these! *hint hint* :) 

So there you have it my lovely little packed full of fun July Birchbox! It was kind of like Christmas in July! Again I say, if you haven't heard of Birchbox you should check them out! 

I hope you have a great Tuesday afternoon and that you have found some creative ways to stay cool!    


Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello there my friends,

     Today. She is a Monday. Boy, do I have a case of the Monday's going on. Not sure why, I just do. But I am powering through. I am thinking about rewarding myself for not snapping at anybody yet with some hot tea. Ha ha ok it's not all that bad around here, I try so hard to stay positive, because I know how much positive people can brighten my day and I like the idea of being that light spot for others. 
     I know that it's not always a bright sunshiney day, and even the brightest of people can have a "Monday" but what I have found that is most important is to not let those monday's take over. One way I have found to kick the gloomy habit is to fill up! It;s hard to have energy when you're running on empty right? So why not fill up and fuel up. One of my favorite ways to do this is through a lovely little book called "Jesus Calling" I first heard of it from the lovely Mandisa, who tweeted about it all the time! (If you don't know her, you should!) I knew I had to pick up a copy for myself. This little gem is taken strait from scripture, broken down into daily pieces and written just as if Jesus were talking right to you. It's a breath of fresh air sometimes to hear these familiar scriptures aimed right to your heart and spoken with such love. The author is Sarah Young and it seems really has tapped into to the way God speaks to our hearts. It's Jesus Calling.... Will you pick up?

     Second I have just found a beautiful new community out there online that has really been a boost to me it's called #SheReadsTruth
It's a neat place set up by a community of women bloggers that wanted to have a place to come together and study scripture. If you visit http://shereadstruth.com/ everything is right there and explains how to get in to the study with them. It's easy really, no book required, no heavy study bible needed. Just your own notebook and a computer (or smart phone). We are all just working our way through the "Prayer" Plan through Youversion and taking notes and sharing with each other how the Lord is speaking to us. It really is just beautifully simple. There is also a weekly truth that is posted that is just an over arching theme for the week. Seeing the reminder there in the morning starts my day off right, and I have found I even have been coming back to re-read them through the day. I also love the sense of community, I know that I am not the only one out there that needed the words we are reading that day. What about you? Do you read truth? 

      So do you have a case of the Monday's... or the Thursday's? How do you fill up, and power through? Is it a great cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate? Or do you have a lower calorie option like this?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

     Have you ever had one of those days, where you just can't explain it but you are bubbling over with joy? I don't mean mere happiness, but a soul deep, eye twinkle inducing joy? It could be the full 8 hours of sleep last night, it could be the sugar, but I have a feeling all the credit for today goes to my Jesus. 

Due to my happy peppy-ness my brain is kind of all over the place! So hang on for the ride! 

1. This song. It just makes me happy, it's the Beatles, it's sunny and my first real memory of it was as "the song of the day" by the local weather man when I was growing up! Just a happy fun song, and check out that piano solo in the middle. :)

2. Great hair days! I'm going on 3 in a row here! I credit Kate and her sweet blog over here at thesmallthingsblog.com  She is actually Lauren's sister, and she is so sweet and beautiful inside and out. She is a beautician and very good at what she does, the best part, she shares all her beauty secrets in great tutorials and videos! She is also the one that introduced me to Birchbox. (Also don't look down on me for this but you have to admit, dirty or second day hair just works better for styling. It's so true)

3.Promise for Hope and a Future. (Jer 29:11) I know that God's promises are always true, and they never go away but some days I just don't always see them. Today I've just opened my eyes and I gladly see that God is writing my story and that He doesn't leave me stranded. I mentioned to you to pray yesterday? Keep on praying my peeps, God is on the move. 

4. Friends new and old. I am extra thankful today for a few beautiful ladies in particular! I have 4 really close friends from back home. We referred to ourselves as the sisterhood (as in traveling pants, only we had a traveling prayer journal)Now that we are [kinda] grown we are all spread out but as evidence by sweet little notes and requests for prayer, our friendship can't be stretched too thin by the miles. I'm also SO thankful for new friends, friends to share meals with, friends who love to help, and friends who will share advice and expertise! My God is a God of fellowship and you can see that in the relationships around you! 

5. Finding a balance. Its such a healthy thing! I normally try to eat pretty healthy, but last night I caved, I had a craving and you know I gave in. The way I see it if I can eating healthy 95% of the time and I have a splurge night once every couple weeks, I can satisfy my cravings and still be healthy! That's my confession for the day, I had sugar last night for the first time in three weeks, and it was good. I don't regret it. But today... back on the wagon for me! 

So I guess that's my High 5 for the week! 

 It's decidedly picture-less this week. But that's ok. For once I have more words than I do pictures! Have an AMAZING weekend my peeps!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gladiators, Super Heros and cookies

     Hey there my friends, can you feel it? We have almost made it to the weekend! 
     As I promised I am back with my quick review of the second Mark of the Lion book.
     The Second Book is called An Echo in the Darkness. This book centers on Marcus. You'll remember him from the first book, the grown son of the household, through discussions of faith and swift glances he fell in love with Hadassa in the first book. Now he must learn to find his feet and find his faith in a world without her. As powerful and as driven as the first book was, I fell madly in love with this second one. As you follow Marcus all over the eastern world you begin to see deeper into his character as he grows and struggles and learns. You actually rejoice and breath a huge sigh of relief as he comes to terms with what he actually believes. Francine Rivers does a beautiful job of setting the stage and displaying the hearts of the characters in this second book. As she wraps it up it leaves you feeling incredibly satisfied with the ending while still longing for more of her skilled writing! If I had to pick I would say I absolutely loved the second book more... so far. I have not actually read the third book yet. I took a break to work on a lovely little crocheted gift. You my friends will be the first to know when I do finish off this epic saga! 

     Also do you know what happens tomorrow? Or tonight at midnight rather? Well yes, it is Friday... but more importantly The Dark Knight rises come out. I am totally stoked to see it! E and I don't have plans just yet as to when we will actually see it but we will! Believe me we will. 

Have you ever had those cravings that you just can't curb? You know you have been day dreaming about something for well over 4 days and no substitute will do? Well I have been on my super strict, no carb low calorie diet now for almost 3 weeks and I feel like I am at my breaking point. Oh golly. Don't get me wrong I have seen results... but I just can't seem to care enough right now. I have been dreaming about cookies and brownies now for over a week. I think it's about time I take a cheat night and have what I have been wanting and then get back on the bandwagon. Yep, it may not be the Drs recommended way to diet or live healthy but my poor heart NEEDS chocolate! So ask me how I'm feeling tomorrow... probably kinda low and sleepy but it will be worth it!
          5 Things
1.) A momma who is willing to take care of me right after I had surgery and am all whiney... :)
2.) Great friends that are still great friends even when you haven't seen them in 5 months and love you like you never left.
3.) Drs and Veterinarians that fix us when we are broken (even if it costs an arm and a leg)
4.) Amazing In-laws that come clean your house and watch old westerns with you while you recuperate.
5.) A very patient hubby who reminds me to take it slow and heal up right the first time and takes on all the household chores when you can't. 

Have an amazing Thursday my friends, keep your heads up tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is here!

(PS I know this is kind of cryptic but if you think of me in the next few days say a prayer. We may have some changes coming our way. Right now I am just praying God makes his will known. [and NO it's not a baby, I promise]) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


     Huzzah! It's Wednesday, we're half way there! Also I have decided that when we have children I will teach them to use words like HUZZAH and Chuffed! :) They'll be so cute.
     A while back I told you, my wonderful friends that I had gotten my lil tush back into reading. Now if you knew me when I was growing up I was an avid reader. I pushed the library's 10 books a week limit every week and I read them all. I can't say exactly where this love came from but I remember as far back as 1st grade devouring every Boxcar Children, Kids in Miss Coleman's Class and Little House on the Prairie book that I could get my hands on. In fact I had such a cool 2nd grade teacher that if I got done with my work early she allowed me to read quietly in my seat! I just couldn't get enough. 
     I was this way all the way through High school. Reading anything and everything often several books at once. One stashed next to the couch, one in the car, one in the nightstand. I was insatiable. Then came college. I really really loved college it was fun, it was a challenge but as far as I can remember I read maybe 10 books the whole 4 years and that was during the summers. It made me sad to let my beloved hobby sit there and collect dust but in the long run it was worth it. My hard work paid off and I graduated with good grades and with honors. By then I had fallen into the habit of not reading for fun and I found myself spending more and more mindless time in front of what my grandmother fondly referred to as the "idiot box". 
     In the mean time my mother had taken up where I left off and was systematically reading EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the house. Her comments and our discussions about my books made me realize just how much I missed reading so slowly but surely I worked myself back into the happy habit of reading. First I worked my way through a two book series that my mom had suggested and suddenly I found my appetite again. I plowed through both of those as well as the only other 3 fiction books in my apartment and then I waited impatiently till I could meet up with my mom again to borrow one of her newer series! 
     The series is called "The Mark of the Lion" and boy it is right up my ally! Written by Francine Rivers (the author of the fabulous "Redeeming Love") they are so intelligently written. Don't get me wrong they aren't hard reads they are just beautifully full rich books with an excellent attention to detail. 

     The first book "A Voice in the Wind" took my by surprise. They are set in the middle east (Rome, Ephesus, Judea) just after the time of Christ. Period set books have always been my thing but it seems that so often Christian Fiction books fall into either the "Old West" or "Victorian England" time periods. I hooked! Something that I loved with a new flair. Fantastic! 
     The story revolves around a young Christian girl of Jewish decent who becomes a slave to a Roman family where she finds she is inexplicably drawn to the son of the family. The beautiful thing is how she learns to love and care for this family even though she had no choice in how she came to be with them and the fact that they don't even remotely share her culture or her faith. She is SUCH a light to them and loves them with an unfailing love. Francine Rivers does a beautiful job of making the story come to life with rich details and very real emotions.  
    It makes you feel as if you really are a part of life there, engrossed in the decadent culture and the exciting roman games. I became so attached to the characters that I won't lie I did shed a tear or two, but not too many. I'm not a big fan of overly weepy books. This one's got it just right.
     Since I have become quite windy today I'll fill you in on the second book tomorrow! Tell me what are you reading lately? Anything that has really caught your attention? I would love some suggestions, because I have been working through everything I can get my hand on! 

Have a happy and blessed hump day my peeps! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Cone of Shame

'Ello Friends,

     Happy Monday to ya, I told you all on Saturday that the past week of my life has revolved around surgery. Well now we have moved into the "recovery" phase. *ahem* 12 weeks *ahem* :) Anywho then on Saturday I also took the resident fur person to the vet to check out a suspect spot on her eye.
    Now I am not one to spend HUGE amounts of money on pets, but then again I have always been the kind of person that pets are family to me. So when my kiddo started having trouble with her eye I wanted to get it taken care of, hopefully to keep it from turning into anything worse! After some really cool glow in the dark drops in her eye and a black light they told us she has an ulcer on her eye! 
     OWWW! I replied, lets get that taken care of! So we did.... now to the real point of the story, part of her "rehab" includes a cone (As well as 5 medicines for the pooch). The cone of shame. The poor thing... she's just about half miserable when she wears it but its just so dang funny... :) I try so hard not to laugh. Then when E came home he walked in the door asking how his little crippled family was. We both had dirty looks for him.
     After yet another adventure with the Dr we were both whiped out. I have a new appreciation for people that use cruthers for more than a few weeks!

     My wrapped up healing tootsie, next to the previously worked on tootsie. They would both be improved with some polish... maybe tonight they will get the respect they deserve.

     All that medicine for one little kiddo. Poor baby. We now have a 45 minute ritual of sitting on the floor and getting pills and cheese and treats and eye drops.
      I hope that your life has been half this eventful and without all the Dr.s involved! I also hope that you have had the best of Monday's to start out your week so swell! And that your Monday hasn't made you feel like you are stuck in the cone of shame.
Like lil Miss Bailey
 Is that not the angriest lil' Shi'tzu you have ever met? Poor girl, just doesn't like that dang cone. 

Have a great evening Friends!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dependency and why I am apparently NOT very good at it.

     Wow, you're still there? I could have sworn you would have gotten bored with my silence and left, I'm So glad you didn't. What? You mean to say there are more of you now then there were when I left! You guys are amazing! You here that world? I have 13 AH-MAZ-ING followers! 
     I have just spent the last 5 days in a rousing whirl wind of surgery, medicine and inordinate amounts of sleep. Sounds exciting, right? The one thing I can say is I must surely be caught up on a whole months worth of sleep. Which is a very good thing for this lady, I LOVE my sleep.
     Since I had surgery on my foot, it has inhibited the use of said foot and so for the last several days I have been all but laid up on the couch. Its a might good thing its a comfy couch because we have become VERY good friends. No complaints in that department but there has been on thing in all of this I have struggled with. It seems I am not a big fan of asking for help. 
     SInce I can't get up and move much, and even when I can I'm on "the crutchers" (way more fun to say it that way) it means I have to ask for help a ton. 
     Enter the grumbles ]:( . . . grumble, grumble, grumble. These grumbles are in no way a reflection on my wonderful family or my spectacular hubby but I just have an aversion to being dependent on others. I'm not sure whether it's a fear of rejection or I'm like Dwight from The office and I worry that if someone does me a favor I am going to owe them some thing... and I must never allow that! :P I just have a really hard time with sitting there not moving asking others to get me that, or help me with this, when my brain says "YOU are a perfectly capable women why don't you do it yourself!" Obviously with a bum foot, I am not totally perfectly capable but my brain doesn't seem to get that. 
     I think God really has been trying to teach me a thing or two about being humble (and submissive to my hubby when he says 'stay on that couch') and learning that it's ok to rely on others a bit. Especially when they are like my mother and wonderful mother-in-law who actually take joy in cooking and CLEANING! my home for me while I am down. It seems somewhere I heard that if I refuse that help that they are so happily giving I am actually robbing them of a blessing! WOAH, WHAT?!?! I wouldn't want to do that, ok God I get it I will try to shush my brain and learn to lean a bit. The way I see it, is we all hear all our lives to stand on out own and take care of ourselves but I think God made us dependent creatures. To depend on Him most of all, and to depend on each other. I just don't think that life would work without dependence. So from here on out I am going to work on that, learning when to keep quiet and just let God work. 
     SO I can't say I have really not been doing ANYTHING. I have been resting and healing and learning. I can also say I have some amazing blessings in the form of E, My Momma, My Mother and Father in Law and my SWEET friends Brett and Mallory.


Also Shout out to my new blog buddies Tiffanie and Bonnie! If you get a chance you should check out my other wonderful followers and their blogs too! :) 
Happy Saturday! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello there friends,

     I thought I would just pop in to let you all know that everything went well this morning and that I am now happily situated at home. I am enjoying my day as a "Lady of Leisure" ;) Actually I have been sleeping most of the day and dozing the rest, pain meds will do that to you! 
     Anyway I have been very blessed, not much pain and my lovely momma has been here to take care of me while the handsome hubby is away at work! That lady really is amazing, driving three hours to be here, keeping me up to date on my medicine, and making sure I am well fed! I love you lady. So the easy part is over now the healing, and waiting and gimping about for 8-10 weeks! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support, I love you guys so much and I'm glad that you are here! 
     Now my hope is that I'll be able to make the most of the rest of the week off with script memorizing, reading, blogging, blanket making and costume finishing. That is if  don't sleep the days away. 

Ha ha I hope your Tuesday was awesome and that you can get a chance to put your feet up too!!  

Monday, July 9, 2012

A busy busy mind

     So it's Monday Morning and my mind is as busy as ever. You see I am a gal, and thus a spaghetti brain. It's a pretty simple idea that men and women think differently. 
     Most men are waffle brains and they compartmentalize their thoughts, then most women are spaghetti brains and their thoughts are all flowing one from another and all inter-connected. Its not my principle, I just use it... It does kind of irk my husband and brothers... they take it as an insult. But they shouldn't since a man came up with it! 
     Anyway all of my busy every flowing thoughts today have been a bit blue and a bit tainted with worry... If you know me I am not a big fan of this. I strive to find joy everywhere. Joy is a fruit of the spirit and it's not necessarily always connected with happiness. I think that if you have Christ you have you, even if you aren't always happy, joy is everywhere sometimes you just have to look for it. I have been in that place where I blinded my heart from His joy and BOY it's a sad dark place, I don't want to be there again, so I choose joy. Enough said. 
     Today however I have a bit of worry that is fighting for space in my mind. I have surgery coming up bright and early tomorrow morning and even thought I have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt with hospitals I can't seem to find the peace I am seeking. I know what the bible says about worry, and I have even heard that there are more than 365 references to "fear not". Even my little devotional this morning spoke directly to me, "When you worry it clouds your ability to hear My voice." 
     The funny thing is I can totally relate to that physically, I seem to have the hardest time hearing in a place where there is much, white or ambient noise. If I know that its important I will actually leave the room or turn down the excess noise, so honestly I know exactly what I need to do to try and assuage this worry, turn it down and focus on my Abba. Been working on that since this morning. :) 
     Anyway no there's no real conclusion to my spaghetti brained thoughts today, I'm just here and anxious and fighting with all my might not to be and focus on God. I just thought I would share a bit of my heart today, thanks for listening. You always seem to be such a good listener ;)   

If you don't mind tomorrow morning say a prayer for me. I would be oh so thankful. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Smile and A Song

Sunday, a Day of rest... Hopefully. :)

     I am a big fan of Sunday this week. With the extra hours I have worked this week I am pooped and so thankful for a day off, and for having my amazing Momma here! Since today is supposed to be a day of rest I'm going to keep it sweet and simple! A sabbath gift from me to you. 

A SMILE. (seriously, you can't make it all the way through without at least cracking a smile)

and A SONG. One of my favorite "Getting ready on a Sunday morning" songs. 

May Sunday find you, rested, revived and so very blessed my friends!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun with the Fam

So here you have it, the last installment of The Geisendorfer Vacation Chronicles!

     Over Saturday and Sunday last weekend we headed north to stay with my In-laws and to see Family!      
    I must gloat, I sure am blessed with some amazing family that I married into. My Mother and Father in-law are amazing and sweet and I couldn't ask for better. Also the siblings in law, there spouses and all 4 of the nieces and nephews that I inherited, my word, if I could take of work and just be with them for a week, I'm sure we would all have a blast! From the video games and movies with the kiddos to card games and Euchre with feisty G'ma Carm its always amazing.

 Here are 3 of the 4 amazing kids I am now related to. The other 1 Ty was off traveling the world, we don't hold it against him! :P You can tell by the look on their faces just how hot it was/is outside. Also check the tongue sticking out photo bomber! :P He is a mess, we have pictures from our wedding, where he is making that same face!
 That's better, smiles all around, and Grandma's fresh picked blackberries too! They were out side several time that day scavenging for fresh blackberries!

      Then it was time for fireworks with the boys! Luke always gets such a kick out of this! Shooting off the parachute guys and the fire crackers! It went like this... Place it. Light it. RUUUUNNNN. Watch with glee as things blow up!

     It seems we are a front porch kind of family, it doesn't matter who's house we are at we always seem to migrate to the porch. Even the heat couldn't keep us away. The girls were entertaining us with their well polished British accents. They were a hoot, and G'ma Carmie kept referring to them as the Queen of England!
     The quiet and stoic papa-in-law, he is really such a sweet guy, and E takes after him so much. I just know He'll be an amazing dad one day if he keeps following in his footsteps! Also there's the lovely as ever Miki. I really lucked out as far as sisters in law go. My other Sis in law Nicole couldn't be there this weekend and we sure missed her!

     Ok, it kills me that the one on the left was so blurry but I just couldn't not post it. Look at that love and laughter! G'ma Carm and G'pa Duane are my mother-in-law's parents and they are just the quintessential grandparents! They are so full of vhem and vigor, and boy you should see her play Euchre! Boy she can be a card shark! :) 

     As I said I am one very lucky girl to have married into such an awesome family. I may be 3 hours from my family back home but I am blessed to have his family nearby to love and to laugh! In just the 5 years I have known them we have made so many memories and I am thrilled to look at the future and all the memories we have yet to make! 

   So that wraps up our amazing vacation week and what better way to end it? We may not have traveled far or spent lots of money but I would say with the relaxing we did the the memories we made it was well worth it!

                 Have a great weekend my peeps!



Friday, July 6, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

"It's here, it's here and I don't care who knows it!" (Said in my best Buddy the Elf voice) 

Ha ha its been a weird week for me with coming back from vacation on Monday then having the 4th in the middle of the week and then working tomorrow. It just throws off my week! For example I came in today feeling like a Wednesday to me. Just stuck in the middle and not as close to done as I would like. I won't let that get me down, I have ALWAYS loved Friday's and today is no exception! 

SO are you ready to High 5?


1. My new Toms are here! I am even currently wearing a pair of them right now! 
 Yep I am now the proud owner of 4 pair of TOMs and I can't get enough. I love the mission, I love the comfort, I love the colors!

2. My Thirty One order came in! Woo Hoo! I I am a very spoiled girl this week with all these goodies coming in the mail.

 3. My daily dose of sanity. Journey is a devotional magazine produced by LifeWay and I am so thankful for their quick insightful devotions that help me have moments with Jesus all day.
 4. Mark of the Lion Books. I just finished book 2 of this series last night and I must say WOW! I am loving these books just as much as I loved Redeeming Love that was also written by Francine Rivers! I may be looking into more books by her, I am so impressed!

 5. A clean room. There is nothing that brings peace of mind like a well cleaned room. This is how E and I spent part of our 4th of July. First I must say cleaning is much better when you have someone to share it with, and second it's much easier to get to work and stay with it till your finished when you have a goal... such as MY MOMMA IS COMING THIS WEEKEND! 

So that is how my wonky week has played out. have you had any mail lately? Isn't it so fun to get a package, whether expected or unexpected? 

Don't forget to head over to Lauren's Blog and check out her High5 and others as well!
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