Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 5th of July just doesn't roll off your tongue the same way does it? Ha ha Poor day doesn't get near as much publicity as its older brother. Well to me it's a good day. A day to work, a day to rejoice in the blessing that is AC, a good day to be alive if I do say so. 
     Plus... don't forget today is Friday eve! Ha ha It doesn't quite feel the same since I am working Saturday this week but none the less it's Thursday peeps! 
    So What did you all do on your 4th of July? Personally E and I just slept the first half of the day away, and then spent a few more hours lounging on the couch watching Man vs Wild (ha, ask me about that show some time), puttsed about cleaning up and such then ended the day with fireworks and friends! It was all in all an amazing day. You know what's not so amazing... Sunless tanner... yeah I look like a tiger. :( At least it was free... I didn't pay to look like this. 
     So back to vacation. The middle of our week consisted of doing as little as we possibly could. You see there has been a heat wave going on here in the Midwest. Actually Heat wave is a bit mild for what we have been experiencing... Heat Bomb may be more like it. So our out of doors plans kind of "went out the door" and we decided to stay in where it's cool! 
      On Wednesday we had a movie marathon and watched several movies that we own but haven't watched in forever ( you know how that goes) and then we went to the Theater to continue our marathon with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Eh I give it a 3/5 Better than I expected, but still not great) and Ted. Ethan Laughed his head off at Ted, I however slept through the majority of it and the part I did see well it left much to be desired. But Like I said E thought it was funny so I guess it was worth it! 
     Then on Thursday we stayed slept till Noon... literally, then had breakfast and a movie in bed! It was fantastic. If I have never explained this to you, you all should know I am that goofy girl that gets a kick out of the oddest things, such as breakfast in bed, making a tent, sleeping out under the stars, pulling over on the side of the road to watch fireworks and making random late night trips for ice cream. Call me weird, call me quirky, I just love the little things in life. :) 
     That leads us to Friday. This girl, loves a good road trip and since we weren't really going "away" for vacation I decided we needed a day trip. Springfield was the city of choice and Abe Lincoln the subject of the day. First stop was Lincolns New Salem, this is the small village the Lincoln lived in for 6 years when he first moved to Illinois. They have recovered and rebuilt all the old buildings to look like it did over 200 years ago with reinactors walking around to talk with you and answer questions! 

 This is actually the only original building on the site. Abe Lincoln actually walked in this Coopersimth shop!

 These kids were here as a day camp of sorts! They were all dressed in period clothing and were playing games and doing chores just like kids would have been doing when Lincoln was alive. Coolest. Day. Camp. Ever! I wish there had been something like this when I was a kid!
 G for Geisendorfer!
 Next stop the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. I had never been here before, but I'll tell you, I had I high hopes! I love museums (except for mannequins and wax figures they just give me the creeps)
 There was so much to see and do, this is one of my favorite museums that I have been in. They covered everything from Abe's early childhood to his presidency all the way through the civil war to his death. (The only thing they didn't cover was the vampires... hmmm...) 

    E was in awe of meeting the legendary Lincoln for himself!! 
We spent hours here, and we could have been here even longer if our hungry stomachs hadn't started talking! The biggest bonus, it was inside, out of the heat, with air conditioning! If you're ever in Springfield, IL make sure to add this to your list of places to see! 
 BAH! There's another of those creepy wax figures! I'm sure Abe wasn't near so creepy in real life.
 Another must see in Springfield is Lincoln's tomb. E was fascinated to know that Abe was REALLY buried here, so close to our home town! It was a beautiful ornate structure and again air conditioned... are you beginning to see the trend in our trip planning?

 I would like to point out what happens when you hand you camera to a stranger.... they chop you off at the knees and manage to mess with the settings (even on Auto?) to give you blue pictures... Ha ha Well at least we got photographic evidence we were both there! :)
 And of course if you visit the tomb you have to rub Abe's nose! E didn't believe me that everyone does this and I had to twist his arm to do it! But rub his nose we did, and with smiles on our faces.
Then to satisfy our hungry tummies, we hit D'Arcy's Pint. Yum, O, Yum. This place is modeled after a little Irish pub and is the home of the Horseshoe. The horseshoe is a delectable dish made of Texas toast, covered with a burger patty, covered with french fries, covered with melty cheese sauce. They are to die for! Really they are! Plus to top it all off I had the single best strawberry shortcake I have ever had. So if you make it to Springfield this should be on the TOP of your list of places to stop!
     In all I have to say this was my favorite day of our vacation. We stayed cool, we got out of Hannibal, and we did it all for fairly cheap! A win all the way around. So what are some of your favorite "stay cation" stops? 

     And tomorrow I'll be back with some pictures of family bonding time over the weekend! 

Lest I forget...
 5things (five things I am thankful for this week)
1. Air Conditioning. Amen am I right? It's been so hot, I don't know how people did it before the AC was invented! 
2. 2 working feet! I am down to the single digits in my count down to my next surgery, it doesn't seem like it's possible. 
3. A loving Husband who is also my best friend! We survived a whole week together non-stop with nothing but smiles and laughter! Its an amazing blessing! 
4. My little fur person. She's been at my parents house since the 30th and I have really missed her little fur face. I'm so ready to have her back!
5. Forgiveness. It really is such a blessing, everyday, all day, given, received. It is a gift. 

Have an awesome afternoon my peeps!  


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