Wednesday, July 18, 2012


     Huzzah! It's Wednesday, we're half way there! Also I have decided that when we have children I will teach them to use words like HUZZAH and Chuffed! :) They'll be so cute.
     A while back I told you, my wonderful friends that I had gotten my lil tush back into reading. Now if you knew me when I was growing up I was an avid reader. I pushed the library's 10 books a week limit every week and I read them all. I can't say exactly where this love came from but I remember as far back as 1st grade devouring every Boxcar Children, Kids in Miss Coleman's Class and Little House on the Prairie book that I could get my hands on. In fact I had such a cool 2nd grade teacher that if I got done with my work early she allowed me to read quietly in my seat! I just couldn't get enough. 
     I was this way all the way through High school. Reading anything and everything often several books at once. One stashed next to the couch, one in the car, one in the nightstand. I was insatiable. Then came college. I really really loved college it was fun, it was a challenge but as far as I can remember I read maybe 10 books the whole 4 years and that was during the summers. It made me sad to let my beloved hobby sit there and collect dust but in the long run it was worth it. My hard work paid off and I graduated with good grades and with honors. By then I had fallen into the habit of not reading for fun and I found myself spending more and more mindless time in front of what my grandmother fondly referred to as the "idiot box". 
     In the mean time my mother had taken up where I left off and was systematically reading EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the house. Her comments and our discussions about my books made me realize just how much I missed reading so slowly but surely I worked myself back into the happy habit of reading. First I worked my way through a two book series that my mom had suggested and suddenly I found my appetite again. I plowed through both of those as well as the only other 3 fiction books in my apartment and then I waited impatiently till I could meet up with my mom again to borrow one of her newer series! 
     The series is called "The Mark of the Lion" and boy it is right up my ally! Written by Francine Rivers (the author of the fabulous "Redeeming Love") they are so intelligently written. Don't get me wrong they aren't hard reads they are just beautifully full rich books with an excellent attention to detail. 

     The first book "A Voice in the Wind" took my by surprise. They are set in the middle east (Rome, Ephesus, Judea) just after the time of Christ. Period set books have always been my thing but it seems that so often Christian Fiction books fall into either the "Old West" or "Victorian England" time periods. I hooked! Something that I loved with a new flair. Fantastic! 
     The story revolves around a young Christian girl of Jewish decent who becomes a slave to a Roman family where she finds she is inexplicably drawn to the son of the family. The beautiful thing is how she learns to love and care for this family even though she had no choice in how she came to be with them and the fact that they don't even remotely share her culture or her faith. She is SUCH a light to them and loves them with an unfailing love. Francine Rivers does a beautiful job of making the story come to life with rich details and very real emotions.  
    It makes you feel as if you really are a part of life there, engrossed in the decadent culture and the exciting roman games. I became so attached to the characters that I won't lie I did shed a tear or two, but not too many. I'm not a big fan of overly weepy books. This one's got it just right.
     Since I have become quite windy today I'll fill you in on the second book tomorrow! Tell me what are you reading lately? Anything that has really caught your attention? I would love some suggestions, because I have been working through everything I can get my hand on! 

Have a happy and blessed hump day my peeps! 

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