Monday, July 16, 2012

The Cone of Shame

'Ello Friends,

     Happy Monday to ya, I told you all on Saturday that the past week of my life has revolved around surgery. Well now we have moved into the "recovery" phase. *ahem* 12 weeks *ahem* :) Anywho then on Saturday I also took the resident fur person to the vet to check out a suspect spot on her eye.
    Now I am not one to spend HUGE amounts of money on pets, but then again I have always been the kind of person that pets are family to me. So when my kiddo started having trouble with her eye I wanted to get it taken care of, hopefully to keep it from turning into anything worse! After some really cool glow in the dark drops in her eye and a black light they told us she has an ulcer on her eye! 
     OWWW! I replied, lets get that taken care of! So we did.... now to the real point of the story, part of her "rehab" includes a cone (As well as 5 medicines for the pooch). The cone of shame. The poor thing... she's just about half miserable when she wears it but its just so dang funny... :) I try so hard not to laugh. Then when E came home he walked in the door asking how his little crippled family was. We both had dirty looks for him.
     After yet another adventure with the Dr we were both whiped out. I have a new appreciation for people that use cruthers for more than a few weeks!

     My wrapped up healing tootsie, next to the previously worked on tootsie. They would both be improved with some polish... maybe tonight they will get the respect they deserve.

     All that medicine for one little kiddo. Poor baby. We now have a 45 minute ritual of sitting on the floor and getting pills and cheese and treats and eye drops.
      I hope that your life has been half this eventful and without all the Dr.s involved! I also hope that you have had the best of Monday's to start out your week so swell! And that your Monday hasn't made you feel like you are stuck in the cone of shame.
Like lil Miss Bailey
 Is that not the angriest lil' Shi'tzu you have ever met? Poor girl, just doesn't like that dang cone. 

Have a great evening Friends!

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  1. Haha this made me laugh!! Hope you both heal quickly!!! :)


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