Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Dreaming

My Peeps! Its been a whole long weekend! How I have missed you. 

Its been a rather perfect day so far if you ask me. For a Monday that is. I think it always helps to ease the angst when you have a light at the end of the tunnel. My light this weekend?
 These Girls! I can't believe how young we all look here, I guess that's what 5 years will do to you!  I am getting together with some of my favorite people in the world and it seems like forever since I have seen them. Yes, I have "seen" them but its just not the same as getting to really have some girl time.
  We're only missing this girl, she completes this lovely sisterhood. I know I have mentioned this precious group to you in the past, but these are the amazing, strong Godly women that got me through high school and then from afar and through the amazing power of prayer through college as well.
     So that's what I am swimming toward this week. Also the sky has been beautifully overcast today and its been almost comfortable outside (as opposed to being sweltering) So with excitement on my mind and a peaceful sky out my window my happy mind has been day dreaming.

 Of this that will be coming in the mail any day now....

 And one of these that I have been pining over since I first saw them... With an L or a G or both.... I don't care if they are expensive and fragile... they male my heart happy.

And one of these that I will own one day... I blame Kate. She has me hooked! Ever since I saw one on her blog I have been seeing statement necklaces everywhere! Kinda makes me want to make some, rather than buy them though.

I guess you can surmise it to say that today is a beautiful day to be a girl and dream of girly things. Yes indeed.

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