Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun with the Fam

So here you have it, the last installment of The Geisendorfer Vacation Chronicles!

     Over Saturday and Sunday last weekend we headed north to stay with my In-laws and to see Family!      
    I must gloat, I sure am blessed with some amazing family that I married into. My Mother and Father in-law are amazing and sweet and I couldn't ask for better. Also the siblings in law, there spouses and all 4 of the nieces and nephews that I inherited, my word, if I could take of work and just be with them for a week, I'm sure we would all have a blast! From the video games and movies with the kiddos to card games and Euchre with feisty G'ma Carm its always amazing.

 Here are 3 of the 4 amazing kids I am now related to. The other 1 Ty was off traveling the world, we don't hold it against him! :P You can tell by the look on their faces just how hot it was/is outside. Also check the tongue sticking out photo bomber! :P He is a mess, we have pictures from our wedding, where he is making that same face!
 That's better, smiles all around, and Grandma's fresh picked blackberries too! They were out side several time that day scavenging for fresh blackberries!

      Then it was time for fireworks with the boys! Luke always gets such a kick out of this! Shooting off the parachute guys and the fire crackers! It went like this... Place it. Light it. RUUUUNNNN. Watch with glee as things blow up!

     It seems we are a front porch kind of family, it doesn't matter who's house we are at we always seem to migrate to the porch. Even the heat couldn't keep us away. The girls were entertaining us with their well polished British accents. They were a hoot, and G'ma Carmie kept referring to them as the Queen of England!
     The quiet and stoic papa-in-law, he is really such a sweet guy, and E takes after him so much. I just know He'll be an amazing dad one day if he keeps following in his footsteps! Also there's the lovely as ever Miki. I really lucked out as far as sisters in law go. My other Sis in law Nicole couldn't be there this weekend and we sure missed her!

     Ok, it kills me that the one on the left was so blurry but I just couldn't not post it. Look at that love and laughter! G'ma Carm and G'pa Duane are my mother-in-law's parents and they are just the quintessential grandparents! They are so full of vhem and vigor, and boy you should see her play Euchre! Boy she can be a card shark! :) 

     As I said I am one very lucky girl to have married into such an awesome family. I may be 3 hours from my family back home but I am blessed to have his family nearby to love and to laugh! In just the 5 years I have known them we have made so many memories and I am thrilled to look at the future and all the memories we have yet to make! 

   So that wraps up our amazing vacation week and what better way to end it? We may not have traveled far or spent lots of money but I would say with the relaxing we did the the memories we made it was well worth it!

                 Have a great weekend my peeps!



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