Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you

(Ok be honest, how many of you read that like the song from the King and I?)

Tuesday is here.
     Though I must admit I had a splendid evening yesterday and I did NOT want it to end. Seriously there is something fantastic about a nice normal evening in with my husband. First of all cooking with him makes it so much more fun, especially when he RAVES about my green beans. Ha ha who knew that changing up your cooking methods could win such awards, I'll have to share my "recipe" with you sometime. 
     Also my new nail polish and polish remover came in the mail last night. Just in time!

I may sound like such a girly girl here, but it's the simple things in life and I love painting my nails. I'm not one for the nail art so much (probably because I'm not very good at it) but there is just something so finished about polished nails. Like the border on a birthday cake, or the hem on a dress. See... Girly. Guilty as charged.
     I have read a couple blogs in the last few days that have inspired me. I'm going to try and not totally steal their ideas, and make it more me. But the theme is something along the lines of if you knew me. On my end I blog about quite a bit of my life and there are definitely a few things that don't get posted. I know that I feel like in the last few months I have met quite a few new friends but it's not quite the same as if we went out for coffee, or brunch together. Some amusing stories and background can slip through the cracks.
 So, what I am wanting to do is just tell you a few things about me that you may not already know!

We encourage; getting to know each other! 

1. I am hopelessly a dog person. Ok so you may have already guessed this one, but what you don't know is how deep it runs. As long as I have been alive I have had a dog. Anything that is cute and wiggly and covered with fur, I love it! I would take it home and snuggle it. This is not to say I am anti-cat. Quite the contrary if I could bet my eyelashes hard enough at E I would have a house full of furry critters. But at this point I have just never had a cat. Because of this as a rule I don't watch dog movies. Or Horse movies. Period. They will be sad, they will be heart wrenching and I will cry. So I just say NO. :)

My love for dogs goes way back. Princess was my first 4 footed friend and my protector.

2. For the middle 13 years of my life I was a hard core competitive dancer. As in, live out of my dance bag, constantly blistered callused feet, 15 hours a week, studio is my second home, hard core. In a lot of ways I still am, I may have been out of the sport now for 5 years but I still have just as much passion for it as I did my last dance. It was my love and my life for a very long time and my family was crazy amazing enough to put up with and fund my passion for all those years. I think this explains my love for music, it's the way I connect emotionally, give me a few notes or measures of music and my heart dances. 

3. I am completely and totally terrified of snakes. I'm tempted to say it's actually a phobia. I have no past reason or trauma to explain why in the world I am so afraid. But show me a snake and I will likely do one of three things... faint... puke... or scale the nearest tall thing be it a tree or a person. I blame the serpent in the garden. (and I kinda blame Eve)

4. I can't play sports to save my life. Sounds kind of backwards right? I was a dancer but I can't play sports. I can't really give you a reason but I will tell you it's something I'm pretty self conscious about. Most kids at least have a basic knowledge of things like volleyball, basket ball and tag football right? Not this girl. I break out into a cold sweat when a few of our friends suggest we "throw a friendly game together" I say let's stick with cards.... or scrabble... 

5. My mom had my name picked out long before she ever even met or married my dad. It's straight from Scripture; Acts 16. She was one of the very first disciples in Phillipi and also a strong independent woman who sold cloth to the wealthy people in town. Traditionally it's said she sold purple cloth since that's the color of royalty. (Maybe that's why I love the color so much! My mom had always loved the name and it's something that she had picked out for a very long time before I was ever actually around! 

Ok that was fun! I may have to make this a short series of blogs because the longer I worked on this the more I came up with even more facts! I hope you enjoyed our "coffee" date and that you sitll want to be my friend! ;) Also I may have to dig up a few old dance pictures just for kicks... because lets face it, it doesn't get much cuter than little baby face me in a tutu! :) 

Have an awesome Tuesday my friends.

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  1. Do you have any animal shelters near you? You should look into volunteering. You would love it!


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