Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gladiators, Super Heros and cookies

     Hey there my friends, can you feel it? We have almost made it to the weekend! 
     As I promised I am back with my quick review of the second Mark of the Lion book.
     The Second Book is called An Echo in the Darkness. This book centers on Marcus. You'll remember him from the first book, the grown son of the household, through discussions of faith and swift glances he fell in love with Hadassa in the first book. Now he must learn to find his feet and find his faith in a world without her. As powerful and as driven as the first book was, I fell madly in love with this second one. As you follow Marcus all over the eastern world you begin to see deeper into his character as he grows and struggles and learns. You actually rejoice and breath a huge sigh of relief as he comes to terms with what he actually believes. Francine Rivers does a beautiful job of setting the stage and displaying the hearts of the characters in this second book. As she wraps it up it leaves you feeling incredibly satisfied with the ending while still longing for more of her skilled writing! If I had to pick I would say I absolutely loved the second book more... so far. I have not actually read the third book yet. I took a break to work on a lovely little crocheted gift. You my friends will be the first to know when I do finish off this epic saga! 

     Also do you know what happens tomorrow? Or tonight at midnight rather? Well yes, it is Friday... but more importantly The Dark Knight rises come out. I am totally stoked to see it! E and I don't have plans just yet as to when we will actually see it but we will! Believe me we will. 

Have you ever had those cravings that you just can't curb? You know you have been day dreaming about something for well over 4 days and no substitute will do? Well I have been on my super strict, no carb low calorie diet now for almost 3 weeks and I feel like I am at my breaking point. Oh golly. Don't get me wrong I have seen results... but I just can't seem to care enough right now. I have been dreaming about cookies and brownies now for over a week. I think it's about time I take a cheat night and have what I have been wanting and then get back on the bandwagon. Yep, it may not be the Drs recommended way to diet or live healthy but my poor heart NEEDS chocolate! So ask me how I'm feeling tomorrow... probably kinda low and sleepy but it will be worth it!
          5 Things
1.) A momma who is willing to take care of me right after I had surgery and am all whiney... :)
2.) Great friends that are still great friends even when you haven't seen them in 5 months and love you like you never left.
3.) Drs and Veterinarians that fix us when we are broken (even if it costs an arm and a leg)
4.) Amazing In-laws that come clean your house and watch old westerns with you while you recuperate.
5.) A very patient hubby who reminds me to take it slow and heal up right the first time and takes on all the household chores when you can't. 

Have an amazing Thursday my friends, keep your heads up tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is here!

(PS I know this is kind of cryptic but if you think of me in the next few days say a prayer. We may have some changes coming our way. Right now I am just praying God makes his will known. [and NO it's not a baby, I promise]) 


  1. Can one of those changes be to move closer to us??

    1. Oh girl, I would love that! :) Indiana has now claimed two of my sweet friends and I'm half temped most of the time to pack up and head that way to see you and Chris, and then Caleb and Melissa.


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