Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

     Have you ever had one of those days, where you just can't explain it but you are bubbling over with joy? I don't mean mere happiness, but a soul deep, eye twinkle inducing joy? It could be the full 8 hours of sleep last night, it could be the sugar, but I have a feeling all the credit for today goes to my Jesus. 

Due to my happy peppy-ness my brain is kind of all over the place! So hang on for the ride! 

1. This song. It just makes me happy, it's the Beatles, it's sunny and my first real memory of it was as "the song of the day" by the local weather man when I was growing up! Just a happy fun song, and check out that piano solo in the middle. :)

2. Great hair days! I'm going on 3 in a row here! I credit Kate and her sweet blog over here at  She is actually Lauren's sister, and she is so sweet and beautiful inside and out. She is a beautician and very good at what she does, the best part, she shares all her beauty secrets in great tutorials and videos! She is also the one that introduced me to Birchbox. (Also don't look down on me for this but you have to admit, dirty or second day hair just works better for styling. It's so true)

3.Promise for Hope and a Future. (Jer 29:11) I know that God's promises are always true, and they never go away but some days I just don't always see them. Today I've just opened my eyes and I gladly see that God is writing my story and that He doesn't leave me stranded. I mentioned to you to pray yesterday? Keep on praying my peeps, God is on the move. 

4. Friends new and old. I am extra thankful today for a few beautiful ladies in particular! I have 4 really close friends from back home. We referred to ourselves as the sisterhood (as in traveling pants, only we had a traveling prayer journal)Now that we are [kinda] grown we are all spread out but as evidence by sweet little notes and requests for prayer, our friendship can't be stretched too thin by the miles. I'm also SO thankful for new friends, friends to share meals with, friends who love to help, and friends who will share advice and expertise! My God is a God of fellowship and you can see that in the relationships around you! 

5. Finding a balance. Its such a healthy thing! I normally try to eat pretty healthy, but last night I caved, I had a craving and you know I gave in. The way I see it if I can eating healthy 95% of the time and I have a splurge night once every couple weeks, I can satisfy my cravings and still be healthy! That's my confession for the day, I had sugar last night for the first time in three weeks, and it was good. I don't regret it. But today... back on the wagon for me! 

So I guess that's my High 5 for the week! 

 It's decidedly picture-less this week. But that's ok. For once I have more words than I do pictures! Have an AMAZING weekend my peeps!


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  1. I am super thankful for old friends today too. :) Great list! Hop over and check out mine too!


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