Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Birch Box

     Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week, just after Friday and just before Thursday. Don't ask me why, I am just a list maker and a ranker. So of course the days of the week would fall into an order. Just like all of the seasons have a rank. With both of those lists put together I would call today fair-to-middlin'! Fair because I get to see my small group peeps tonight, and middilin because well it's July and it's STINKING HOT! still   
     Over the weekend I finally got my hiney in gear and decided to get pictures of my July birch box before I used up all the goodies! First of all if you have never heard of birchbox you should! Cehck them out here www.birchbox.com and if you are so inclined and decide to take the plunge go here https://www.birchbox.com?raf=dwpld
     Tell them I sent you ;) 
     I have to say this month has got to be my absolute favorite of all the boxes I have recieved. I don't know if it was just all stuff that I am interested, or if they just did a great job with the branding and the packaging but I was sold before I even had it all the way out of the box! 
The theme this month was Senses, and Birchbox is paired with Glamour.
 First off the box is decked out in nailpolish graphic art, how cool is that?
 Senses, of course they had to include something for all five of my senses to enjoy! I must say I loved the color combo, I grew up believing that blue purple and green were the most awesome colors and apparently Birchbox thinks so too!

 Would you look at all that goodness? I hadn't even torn into it and I could tell it was going to be fun! Food, Music and Nailpolish? Tell me where to sign up!
 First up is the Awesome Neon colored headphones. They are a Birchbox exclusive and aren't for sale anywhere. That's enough to make a girl feel pretty dang special.
 Next came the Mania sheer glo lotion. I was sad it was such a tiny bottle, because I love it, what girl doesn't love to shimmer?
 Then came the Color Club nail polish! I can say I probably love polish more than you average girl but when it comes to brands I'm not super keen on this one. It seems to chip just a day in, which makes me so sad because I try to take such good care not to ruin my fresh mani! (Btw I know that Birchbox swears that their boxes are totally random but I think they have a plot to convert me to loving this color family, all of the nail polish I have received have all been in this color family! I get so many compliments on it... it's just not my fave) 
 I love hair stuff, have I ever told you that? I love getting hair sample so much! So to recieve this little tub o joy made my heart sing. I tend to have fairly dry hair so this was a treat to try out and I have to say I am a fan!

 Perfume, this has got to be one of the best perks of these boxes, you can try perfumes, several times actually without having to commit to a full bottle of anything. Harvey Prince, Eau Flirt. This stuff was light and fresh, a bit sweet but perfect for summer!
 Did you ever thing that they would fit a whole skincare regimen in a Birchbox? Well they have done it. With the SukiFace Brand there was a little sample of each of their products! I haven't tried them just yet but I am so excited! I think I might make some cookies, light some candles and have a "spa night" :)
Speaking of cookies, the last bit of fun in my box was receiving a Larabar. I had heard of them before but had never tried them. They are not exactly a granola, not exactly a protein bar. They are more like a healthy fun snack! (Probably healthier that cookies)   Mine was a Roasted Nut roll and personally I think that is awesome, it was fairly low on the sugar and high in protien! I would take more of these! *hint hint* :) 

So there you have it my lovely little packed full of fun July Birchbox! It was kind of like Christmas in July! Again I say, if you haven't heard of Birchbox you should check them out! 

I hope you have a great Tuesday afternoon and that you have found some creative ways to stay cool!    


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