Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately

     Yesterday I told you that I tend to rank things, well Wednesday, she used to be WAAAAAY down on my list of days of the week. When I was in college it was always the busiest day, the most stressful day and by far the longest day of the week, I therefore was not on speaking terms with Wednesday for a very long time (at least 3 years)but now, well we have kind of mellowed out, I don't mess with Wednesday and Wednesday doesn't mess with me. That's the way we like it.
     Today I wanted to let you know how incredibly thankful I am for all you you lovely readers. I began my cute little blog mostly as a place to keep track of life and to just be a kind of creative outlet. You guys, well you're just an amazing added bonus! I have made several new friends, and rekindled with a few old ones and all of you have still stuck around! It's amazing! So thank you.
     Also update on the 2 gimps in the Geisendorfer household. I went to the Dr. on Monday and I am off the crutchers and healing really well! Miss Fluff Bucket when to her Dr yesterday and she is almost completely healed! It really is awesome! In two weeks we have come so far. 
     Tiny grumble moment? Will we allow that today? Ok. I really wish that I had more pictures for the blog lately. I just don't. You see my poor camera has been put through it's paces and it's beginning to show in the quality of the images. I'm sure some of you are out there screaming "But LYDIA! You have a nice digital SLR what are you complaining about??" Well I don't know if you can spot it but my recent pictures there are some spots that pop up in every image. Kinda like floaters on your eye, not totally noticeable but when you obsess fixate that's all you see! I just haven't found anywhere around here that can clean my sensor and give it a good all around tune up and so I just get frustrated when I use it. Thus the lack of pictures. Eh, I'll get tired of the lack of pictures and start shooting again, I'm just on a hiatus I guess. 
     Sooooo, I am definitely not a college student any more, boy am I feeling it! E's college roomate was in town yesterday so after I got off work we ran around all evening, ate pizza, hung out, and went to the movies! We finally got to see The Dark Knight Rises! Our evening was SO much fun it really was like being in college again, complete with the the 8 am class the next morning. :P We went to the 10:15 show and didn't get home till after 1. I must admit I was rather proud of myself I only dozed once during the movie! All in all it was a great night and a GREAT movie! I was so glad I went to see it in theaters and didn't just wait till it came out on DVD. It was the perfect conclusion to the story and it was so well written and directed! It get's my two thumbs up! 
How cool is this promotional poster for the Olympics! I love it! So classy so fun so British!
      Speaking of thumbs up, who has two thumbs and is STOKED for the Olympics on Friday? This girl! I just love them, I count down the years between the summer and the winter Olympics! But more on that Friday. I'm thinking I need a opening ceremony party on Friday! Who's in? Anybody in town want to get together and watch, I even volunteer my big TV!
Ha ha Check it, Lego Olympians!

What about you, what is your favorite Olympic sport? Summer or Winter?       

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