Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Relaxed and Refreshed

Long time no see my friend,
     I hope your last week was an amazing one and that you stayed cool! It's officially back to reality for E and I. We had an awesome 6 day holiday just the two of us and it really was the break we needed. We had fun filled days, stayed up till all hours of the night watching movies and slept till noon most days! Even though we didn't travel far or have a super expensive trip we still had an amazing time and got all rested up! 
     On our first day of vacation my hubby had the bright idea to take me golfing. We had talked about this before but decided to do it early on in our week since the forecast was calling 100*+ days the rest of the week. I thought this was a fine plan, since as far as I  have heard it's a nice relaxing past time! What plan for vacation? 

 Mister Gold Pro showed me how it's done. He has golfed off and on since high school and he made it look pretty darn easy. Right? 

I had never really golfed before but I was more than willing to learn, especially with such a cute teacher! I learned really quickly that real golf is rather different than the putt-putt that I have played in the past!
 This is my "quit taking pictures of me golfing, because I obviously can't golf" face. It became apparent VERY quickly that I am gofingly challenged. Yep, that's me, very little hand eye coordination and even less golfing ability. Sportastically Challenged if you will.
Our cute little club car. I had more fun driving it around than I really did golfing. 

The conquering golfer. Look at that mighty stance, the graceful swing, making golf balls quake in their boots. He made it look easy! 

 It's not for trying mind you, I tried like the dickens to swing and swing and swing, but I just couldn't seem to hit the ball... and when I did I swear I could hear the ball chuckle as it rolled lazily away rather than slicing through the air. 
 "WILSON!!!!" Name that movie. Which ironically I watched all the way though for the first time on vacation.
 Ethan also showed me that you don't always have to play the "typical way" At this point I think we were on hole 8 and I had given up and was sitting in the cart as he finished the game. He tried so hard to cheer me up and make me laugh.
 In attempt to get me out on the green one more time E offered to take my picture as photographic evidence that I indeed tried golfing. This is what happens when you hand the camera over. A sassy yet headless picture.
      The final putt. This was actually a really difficult hole, over the water and everything. All in all it was really fun day, I am apparently a complete failure at golf but I was out of the house and soaking up the sunshine with my main man so I was completely happy! Even now a week later looking back this makes me smile, with our crazy schedules this is the most time we have ha to spend together in a long time! 
     One thing that made it a bit easier to come back to work is knowing that we both get tomorrow off as well, so its a but of a break mid week for us and we can revert even if for one day, back to vaca mode!     
So what did you guys do last week? Was it a regular week for you or did you find some creative ways to stay cool? 
Tune in tomorrow for pictures of our road trip day!

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